AGILITY = People + Process + Technology 


Organizational agility is the capacity to sense and respond better and faster than your customers' expectations and your competition capabilities ... at all levels in your organization.  Wow ... agility at all levels within your organization!  Just sit back and imagine what that might really look and feel like?  As you take your mental tour of your organization, which obstacles come to mind most often ... issues with people, issues with the business processes that define "how" you get stuff done or is it issues with your technology ... be that either the mechanical or informational variety or both. >>Read More

 This is a forum where senior executives will meet, engage and explore how agility, adaptive leadership, and advanced technologies can help increase their companies' competitive edges, today and in the next decade and beyond. Participants will include executives from Dell,, GAP, Sabre, Pitney Bowes, Twitter, Hewlett-Packard and many more. One of our clients, Steve Sakats, has been invited to present the agility transformation story of Land O'Frost at the Executive Forum. 


During the Agile Executive Forum, Dr. Horney will serve as one of the invited "agility experts" for executive participants to meet in one-on-one or in small groups in the Agile Executive Open Lounge  >>>Read More

Agile 2011 Conference
Dr. Horney will be delivering a conference presentation on Thursday, August 11 
with one of the signers of the Agile Manifesto, Jim Highsmith - 


Participants will apply leadership agility tools throughout this presentation that combine the leadership agility research and experience of Dr. Nick Horney with AGILE Expert, Jim Highsmith.  >>> Read More