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Creating clarity in that picture of success can be very illusive and chameleon-like - ever changing in our turbo-turbulent world. Today the old planning adage is ever so true ... if you know not where you are going - any road will take you there!  One of the many challenges we face in this VUCA world is the need to continuously clarify (over and over again) ... where are we heading and what does success really mean for all stakeholders? >>> Read More 

Individual Assessment for Selection             

          (Agility Selection Profile (ASP)™)


Never before has there been a greater need for agility as a key success

characteristic for our employees than now and into the foreseeable future! The Agility Selection Profile (ASP)™ is the first tool designed specifically to help management make selection decisions based on a job candidate's agility capability. Find out how the ASP™ can help you hire to right people to maximize your business' agility! >>> Read More 

Individual Assessment for Development 

  (Leadership Agility Profile (LAP)™ 360)


The Leadership Agility Profile™ 360 is one of the only online 360 degree assessment instruments specifically designed to measure the strengths and developmental needs required of leaders in an uncertain and turbulent business environment. The guide is a comprehensive summary of developmental recommendations for leadership agility improvement. Click here to learn more about how you can find out how agile your leaders are. >>> Read More

 Leading Horses to Water:
Assessment Facilitated Organization Change 
Presented By:  
Gerry Groe, Ph.D. 
Managing Director, pan
Nick Horney, Ph.D.
Founding Principal, Agility Consulting & Training 
Rick Lepsinger
President, OnPoint Consulting
Dale Rose,
Ph.D., President, 3D Group
Date: Friday, June 10, 2011
Time: 2:00 - 3:00 PM EST