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Orphans picking up fruit and bread at the Center

Dear friends of Seeds of Light


We are very excited to share with you a new 5-minute video update that we just finished making about the Ekurhuleni Center for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Acornhoek, South Africa. The first building is completed and some partial services for children have already begun! We filmed the "grand opening celebration" a few weeks ago, which was very exciting for everyone. There was lots of singing, dancing and laughter, and the children and adults were all very happy and enthusiastic.


We have raised $24,000 so far towards the second matching grant of $72,000. Thank you to all of you who have donated and held the project in your prayers!

We still need about $48,000 to take advantage of the full matching grant. Please consider making a donation now or supporting the project by doing some kind of fundraiser amongst your family and community friends. Many of you already have, and we are very grateful! Each dollar you contribute will be matched dollar for dollar through our matching grant.
Ekurhuleni Orphan Center Opening Celebration 
Ekurhuleni Orphan Center Opening Celebration


With your ongoing love and support, this extraordinary project is becoming a reality, as you will see in the video, bringing such joy, light and hope to so many orphans in Acornhoek, South Africa.

Thank you again for all you are doing to help.

With all our love and gratitude,
The CoreLight and Seeds of Light team
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How to Give


"Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat.-Mother Teresa 


If you would like to support the development of the Ekurhuleni Center for Orphans and Vulnerable Children, here are ways you can help.  


1.  Forward this email to friends who might be interested in supporting us.
     Encourage others to sign up for the e-newsletter.  

2.  Spread the love by sharing the link to this video on your Facebook page.   

3.  Make a presentation about Seeds of Light to a church group or a club you
     are involved with. 

4.  Organize a fund raiser for Seeds of Light, and we'll help you with all of the
     materials and information you need.   

5.  Sign up through the CoreLight office to be a monthly sponsor and to have
     your donation automatically deducted from your debit or credit card.

6.  Write an article about Seeds of Light for your local community paper or
     newsletter. Please send the draft to for her to proof
     for accuracy before it is published. 

7.  Make a one-time donation by check or online.


Your donations are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.


Seeds of Light's mission is to assist with the awakening of the Global Heart, which we perceive to be the interconnectedness of all life through tolerance, forgiveness, love and compassion.  Seeds of Light is the humanitarian service arm of CoreLight, a spiritual non-profit organization dedicated to inner and outer peace in the world, based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. Seeds of Light does not impose any spiritual beliefs on the people it supports.   


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