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2011 Second Quarter Customer Service and Compliance Report

     We are proud to launch the first edition of our Office of Cable and Broadband Services e-report.  This first report highlights the 2011 2nd Quarter Customer Service and Compliance Report.  This new style of reporting will allow us to report data in a user friendly format, highlight key developments and provide links to other items of interest. We would appreciate your feedback as we continue to improve the report over the next several months.  If you have any questions about the statistics found within the report please contact Margie Williams, Franchise Manager, at 240-777-3762 or Marjorie.Williams@montgomerycountymd.govThis report is best viewed with Google Chrome, Explorer 8+, Firefox3.6+, or Safari 4+. A link to download a printable copy of this report is provided at the bottom of this document.

Customer Service Score Card 

Download Customer Service Score Card


     All three cable providers are in compliance with the FCC Customer Service standards for the 2011 2nd Quarter. 


     On a monthly basis the Cable and Broadband Office sends a follow-up letter to all

consumers who have requested assistance from our office, and for whom the cable operator reports the complaint has been resolved. Over 97% of the respondents are satisfied with the assistance that the Cable and Broadband Office provided to get their complaint resolved.  However, only 75% of the respondents agreed that the cable provider resolved their complaint in a reasonable amount of time and only 74% of the respondents agreed that their issue was resolved.  A breakout of this information is provided in the attached score card.  The Cable and Broadband Office staff will be meeting with each of the three providers to address the need to resolve the customer's complaint in its entirety before closing out the issue with the County.  

Complaint Survey

Days to Resolve Consumer Complaint  

After Filed With Cable and Broadband Office


Download Complaint Resolution Report


     Over the past 18 months, the average number of days it takes for the cable providers to resolve complaints filed with the Cable and Broadband Office has dropped dramatically.  We are pleased with the providers, improved performance in resolving complaints referred by the Cable and Broadband Office but continued emphasis needs to be placed on more timely resolution of complaints without, or prior to, having to be referred to our office.    

Data Shows That Billing Is Main Concern


Download Complaint Description Breakdown


     Billing issues comprise over 50% of the overall complaints that the Cable and Broadband Office receives as the pie charts indicate.  The Cable and Broadband Office staff will be meeting with the cable providers over the next several weeks to address the need for improvement with billing errors on customer accounts.  The need for better customer billing disclosures has been raised with the FCC Consumer Advisory Committee. (see below)  



The Cable Office Reports Over $34,000 in Refunds Year to Date

Download Consumer Refund Report  


Inspections and Violations

Download Inspection Report


     The revised cable inspection program continues to demonstrate value.  New construction and installation work performed by Comcast is 97% code compliant and 100% of work performed by RCN and Verizon is code compliant.  An area of concern is the number of in-field violations continues to be high and the percentage of violations not yet repaired, or not being repaired within the 30-day time-frame as required by the franchise agreements, was significantly higher in the 2nd quarter than in the 1st quarter.    


     The Cable Office is currently working with the providers to identify the violations that are older than 30 days and to create a timeline to get those violations addressed.  If the violations are not addressed, the cable provider could be assessed liquidated damages.  

 inspection violations

Montgomery County's Cable and Broadband Administrator

 Appointed to FCC Consumer Advisory Committee



     Montgomery County's Cable and Broadband Administrator, Mitsuko R. Herrera, has been appointed to the Federal Communications Commission's Consumer Advisory Committee.  The Committee, established in 2000, makes recommendations regarding consumer issues and works to facilitate the participation of consumers, including those with disabilities and underserved populations, in proceedings before the Commission.


     The three major projects that the committee will be working on are:

1) Promoting Broadband Adoption

2) Consumer Protection-Billing Issues

3) Accessibility of Telecommunication Equipment for the Disabled.


     For more information about the Consumer Advisory Committee you can visit their website at: 

Comcast Essentials Helps to

Bridge the Technology Gap


yellow mouse fancy

     As part of the conditions of the Comcast-NBC Universal merger, Comcast has announced that it will launch a program that will help low income families obtain broadband Internet access starting in the 2011 "back to school season". The "Internet Essentials" program is designed to help bridge the digital divide.  The program provides affordable Internet access, the opportunity to purchase a computer, and broadband training to low-income families.  



The Internet Essentials program offers:

  • Comcast residential Economy Internet service for $9.95 per month plus applicable taxes and fees, with no activation fees, no additional equipment rental charges, no credit checks, no price increases and no long-term contracts.
  • The option to purchase a pre-configured computer for $149.99(plus applicable taxes); and
  • Access to online, in print and classroom based digital literacy training.


     An entire low-income household will be able to participate in the program if the household:

(1) is located where Comcast offers internet service

(2) has at least one child receiving free meals through the National School Lunch program

(3) has not subscribed to Comcast Internet service within the last 90 days

(4) does not have an overdue Comcast bill or unreturned equipment.


     Participating families may be able to benefit from Internet Essentials for the entire life of their child's K-12 education, as long as they remain eligible.  For more information visit 


     Approximately 30,000 children in Montgomery County Public Schools are eligible for free meals.  The Cable and Broadband Office is working with Comcast and MCPS to monitor program eligibility and the effectiveness of the program outreach, promotion and broadband training. 

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