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Special Issue:  May 23, 2012 


Invitation for Bids
Date:22 May 2012
Loan:UZB CAREC Corridor 2 Road Investment Program - Project 3
Contract No. and Title:MFF/CWP3 Reconstruction of A380 (Guzar-Bukhara-Nukus-Beyneu) Road Section from km 315 to km 355 (40 km)
Deadline for Bid Submission:5 July 2012; 11:00 a.m. (Tashkent time)

1.   The Republic of Uzbekistan has applied for a loan from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) using ADB's Multitranche Financing Facility (MFF) towards the cost of road reconstruction of about 222 Km of national highways with extension from 2 asphalt lanes to 4 lanes of cement concrete pavement under the CAREC Corridor 2 Road Investment Program, and it is intended that part of the proceeds of the MFF will be applied to payments under Tranche 3 civil works contract Reconstruction of A380 Guzar-Bukhara-Nukus-Beyneu road section from km 315 to km 355 (40 km) for which this invitation for bids is issued. International Competitive Bidding (ICB) will be conducted in accordance with ADB's Single Stage: Two Envelope bidding procedure with postqualification and is open to bidders from eligible source countries of ADB. It is anticipated that the contract will be awarded in September 2012 (contractor mobilization in October 2012). Construction duration is scheduled within 18 months including mobilization period.

2.   The Road Fund of the Ministry of Finance ("the Employer") now invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for the reconstruction and improvement of road in Bukhara Region as shown in Table 1 below.

    Table 1: Description of Civil Works Contract Package
    Contract No. Description Length (km) Location
    MFF/CWP3Reconstruction of A380 Guzar-Bukhara-Nukus-Beyneu road section
    from km 315 to km 355 (40 km), 4-lanes cement concrete pavement
    40Bukhara Region

    The following qualification criteria, in clear cut fail-pass, will be applied:

    A.   Financial:
    (i)   The bidder shall have (i) a minimum average annual construction turnover of US$ 70 Million within the last Three (3) years; and (ii) as a minimum, the bidder's net worth should be positive;
    (ii)   The bidder must demonstrate access to, or availability of, financial sources such as liquid assets, unencumbered real assets, lines of credit, and other financial means, other than any contractual advance payments to meet a cash-flow requirement of US$ 20 million.

    B.   Experience:
    (i)   The bidder must have general experience in road construction contracts for at least the last 10 (ten) years;
    (ii)   The bidder must have specific construction experience by participating as contractor, management contractor, or subcontractor, in at least one (1) contract within the last five (5) years, with a value of at least US$ 50 Million that have been successfully or are substantially completed and that are similar to the proposed works.
    (iii)   Within the last ten (10) years, the bidder must have a minimum quantity of construction experience for public roads in any 1 year: (i) 500,000 m3 of earthworks, (ii) 100,000 m3 of cement concrete pavement placed (M400/B30 or more higher class), (iii) 150,000 m3 of aggregate base course work.

    C.   Personnel:
    The bidder must demonstrate that he has the personnel for the following key positions with minimum 10 years experience in similar work: ((i) Road Engineer/Project Manager (cement concrete pavement); (ii) Deputy Project Manager/Road Engineer (iii); Two Persons for Material and Quality Control Engineer (cement concrete pavement); (iv) Two Persons for Survey Engineer, (v) Cement Concrete Specialist / Pavement Engineer; (vi) Structure/Culvert Engineer; and (vii) Mechanical Engineer for road construction.

    D.   Equipment:
    The bidder shall demonstrate access to the following key equipment in Table 2, through ownership, lease, rental agreement or a letter of intent to purchase in the event of an award in its favor.

    Table 2: List of Key Equipments

    No. Equipment Type and Characteristics Min. Number Required*
    1Crushing screening plan - mobile type at least 150 m3/h
    including rock material washing machinery
    2Concrete Mixing Plan at least 150 m3/hr2
    3Concrete Paving Machinery width not less than 7.5m
    including film-forming machinery
    4Mobile cement carriers, not less than 25 ton25
    5Earth works equipment (motor-grader, bulldozer, excavator, and frontal loader)
    with appropriate capacity, minimum 10 (ten) units for each
    6Recycler for construction cement treatment base course2
    7Compaction roller, not less than 13 ton10
    *It shall be included in the Contractor's mobilization plan.

    E.   Pending Litigation:
    All pending litigation shall be treated as resolved against the Bidder and so shall in total not represent more than 50% of the Bidder's net worth. 

3.   The reconstruction and improvements activities (the Works) include:

  • Preparatory works and site clearance;
  • Resettlement of communication facilities as well as gas pipes;
  • Construction of road bed and diaphragm;
  • Construction of subbase and base course;
  • Construction of cement treatment base course;
  • Cement concrete pavement construction;
  • Construction of ramps and junctions;
  • Shoulder filling and strengthening;
  • Guardrails installation on the median area;
  • Road furniture (road markings and signs etc.);
  • Construction of drainage and communication facilities

4.   Bidders may obtain further information from, and inspect and acquire the bidding document, at the office of the Employer, at:

    Republican Road Fund
    Ministry of Finance
    29 Istiklol Str., Tashkent 100017 Uzbekistan
    Attn.: Mr. Jamol Shukurov
    Tel 998 (71) 239-1036/ 239-1976
    Fax 998 (71) 239-1036

5.    To purchase the bidding document in English including softcopy in a CD (pdf and AutoCad files), eligible bidders should:

    (i)   Write to the address above requesting the particular bidding document for which the bidder intents to submit bid.
    (ii)   Payment of a nonrefundable fee of US$500 or equivalent sum in Uzbekistan Soum (UZS) by exchange rate of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan on the date of payment.

    Bank: Main Operational Department of Kapital Bank
    Bank Code: 00974
    Acct No: 20210000704823862002
    Identification No.Tax (INN): 301438655

    Bank: Main Operational Department of Kapital Bank
    Bank Code: 00974
    Acct No: 20210840804823862002
    Identification No. Tax (INN): 301438655

    The bidding document will be issued during normal working days from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the address under 4 above, from 22 May 2012 till 4 July 2012.

6.    Bidders should deliver their bids:

  • to the above mentioned address, at or before 11:00 a.m. (Tashkent Time) on 5 July 2012. Bids will be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of bidders' representatives who choose to attend.
  • together with a Bid Security in the amount specified in the bidding document and in a standard form provided in the bidding document.
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