24 Asset Management Vendor Management Team

October 21, 2011
See important announcement below from Fannie Mae


Fannie Mae routinely adds SAM (preferred) contractors to its network. Each contractor goes through an extensive selection process and is chosen based on their ability to perform repairs on REO properties and assist Fannie Mae in reducing repair costs, increasing efficiencies and shortening the time it takes to complete repairs.

Please review the list of SAM contractors linked below. We ask that you locate new vendors (highlighted in yellow on the attachment) servicing your area and call to introduce yourself, as well as familiarize yourself with their capabilities. You may begin using these new vendors immediately. Also included below is a quick reference guide for working with SAM Contractors.

New contractors have been added to the states/territories of: CA, MD, OH, TX and VA. The attachment also indicates if a current contractor has changed their contact information.

List of Current SAM Contractors/Territories

Working With A SAM Contractor - Quick Reference

If you have any questions or feel your area is in need of additional repair vendors, please contact your 24 Asset Sales Representative or Repair Specialist, 


24 Asset Vendor Management Team  



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