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The Adventure Begins!
A Tale of Serendipity: Part One Dear friends and family,

It is with deep happiness and a belly full of butterflies that I reach out to share some exciting news with you.  Finally, after an 18 year-long gestation period, I have "given birth" to part one of A Tale of Serendipity.

The Adventure Begins!
is the Prelude to a magical and adventurous story about a wonderful, close-knit family of seals that is torn apart by the arrival of a devastating storm and a ship of vicious seal-hunters. While Part one of the larger tale explores the fate of five seal pup brothers who have been tragically separated from their beloved and very pregnant mother, it is a story that speaks to the hopes, fears and challenges that we all face in life.  And it does so in a way that -- I envision! -- will trigger curiosity, compassion and wonder in thoughtful children (parents, teachers and planet-loving people) everywhere.

I welcome you to visit my newly launched web site, www.SerendipityTale.com.

There, you can learn more about the story, download the whole book for free as an ebook, or purchase a hardcopy for yourself, or as a gift for someone you love

While A Tale of Serendipity can be enjoyed by people of all ages, it is written with an audience between the ages of 8 and 12 in mind (and heart!). Older kids will want to read it themselves.  Younger ones will enjoy having the story read to them. The Prelude is approx. 353 pages.
Who this book is for...

  • Anyone who enjoys an archetypal adventure story that transcends good and evil. 

  • Parents who want to read books to their kids that evoke meaningful conversation, who appreciate psychological and cultural complexities, and who recognize the beauty of diversity, uniqueness and interconnectedness.   

  • Teachers, schools, organizations and change agents who want to affirm that despite the current 'mess' we're in, we human beings have the potential to evolve in a way that honors our hearts' wisdom, our bodies' intelligence and our shared home... the earth.

  • People who care about our planet and all of its inhabitants.
Help me spread the word!
A Tale of Serendipity came to me in a lucid dream in 1992. Ever since, the story has remained an incredible teacher and gift in my life. I've traveled right alongside this courageous family of seals and their inspiring dolphin friends - yearning, growing, getting lost and finding treasures together. 

Now, despite a few "coming-out-of-the-creative-closet jitters," I feel called to share the gift of this story with others. And I would love your help!

Please feel free to forward this email or share my web site with anyone you think might enjoy The Adventure Begins!  (i.e. Friends, Family, Teachers, Schools, Librarians, Animal Lovers, Environmental Activists, "Spirited" Bloggers, etc.)

Press Releases & Kit are also available for contacts who might appreciate something a bit more to-the-point!
SPONSOR A SEAL with your purchase!
Luna, a rescued pup If you are one of the first 10 to purchase a copy of A Tale of Serendipity, you'll be contributing to the health and life of a sweet little seal pup who needs our protection.

, currently in the care of the National Seal Sanctuary (and chosen by my six-year-old daughter Maya), was rescued on October 28th, 2009.

20% of all proceeds from the next 50 books sold will be donated to the Headlands Institute, a NatureBridge campus dedicated to connecting youth to the natural world.

(It is my intention to continue finding ways to contribute to inspiring sea-life, ocean/planet-loving organizations over time. If you have any ideas, I'm all "earholes"!)