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Friday, January 7, 2011

CLRC Releases Online Guide for Health Care Professionals
The HCP Manual: A Legal Resource Guide for Oncology

The Cancer Legal Resource Center (CLRC) is pleased to announce the online launch of our 2nd Edition of The HCP Manual: A Legal Resource Guide for Oncology Health Care Professionals. This updated manual is designed to provide valuable information to doctors, nurses, social workers, psychosocial care providers, patient navigators and advocates on a variety of issues that often arise when a patient is coping with cancer. Not only have we expanded the guide's breadth to include relevant topics such as Health Care Reform and Genetics and Cancer, but we have taken a more in-depth look at Employment Rights, Taking Time Off Work, Disability Insurance, Health Insurance and Health Care Options, and Legislative Advocacy. Additionally, we have incorporated a State Appendices that can be accessed through the web and will provide health care professionals with specific nationwide resources on subject matters discussed throughout the guide. This manual was made possible by the generous support of our grant with LIVESTRONG. It is a true collaboration of work from all CLRC staff and will ultimately improve the quality of outcomes for patient survivorship by making information easily and readily accessible to those on the front lines of cancer. The HCP Manual is available as a free download on our website or at http://bit.ly/gwGM5j.  

Effort to Make City Crosswalks Accessible Moves Forward

Motorized Wheelchair Struggles to Climb Steep SidewalkHundreds of thousands of people in Los Angeles are unable to move freely through their own city because the sidewalks are inaccessible to them. This results from broken and uneven pavement along the sidewalks, mid-block obstructions such as bus stops and light poles and the lack of curb ramps at thousands of intersections throughout the city. The DRLC has filed a class action lawsuit to redress this systemic and pervasive discrimination against individuals with mobility disabilities through the denial of meaningful access to the city's pedestrian rights-of-way. This week, the court in Willits, et al. v. City of Los Angeles, CV-05782 CBM (RZ), granted plaintiffs' motion for class certification. The DRLC and co-counsel Schneider Wallace Cottrell Brayton Konecky LLP were appointed class counsel. Defendant City of Los Angeles' Motion to Stay and Motion to Dismiss were also denied by the court, allowing the largest case of its kind to proceed.

DRLC Advocates for Special Needs Student

On December 23, 2010, DRLC filed a request for a due process hearing against the Los Angeles Unified School District on behalf of the parents of a ten-year-old student with a specific learning disability and mental health needs after the district ignored the student's needs for years. The district failed to find the student eligible for special education for nearly five years even though the student repeatedly was unable to meet grade-level standards and was considered for retention in second grade. Although the district has finally found the student eligible for special education, it now refuses to provide the student with the appropriate resource instruction, mental health services, or extended school year instruction that he needs. The student is asking for compensatory non-public agency tutoring, family therapy and individual therapy, as well as increased resource instruction and the addition of extended school year instruction onto the student's current individualized education program.
DRLC Celebrates Year's Work at Holiday Party

DRLC Holiday Party

At the DRLC's Holiday Party staff, volunteers, members of the Young Professionals Board and the members of the Board of Directors met in person and got to know one another while dining on Mexican food. Attendees learned about the hard work of their peers, the center's accomplishments this year and plans for the future. See more photos from the party on our Facebook site.
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Please Join Us For Our Open House on Thursday, January 27

Meet the DRLC staff and Board of Directors, take a tour of our office, have a glass of wine, and learn about the cutting-edge legal work of the center as well as trends in disability rights law. The Open House is Thursday, January 27 from 5:30-6:45 pm at Loyola Law School, Founders Hall, 2nd Floor, 919 Albany Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015. To RSVP and/or request an accomodation: Anabel.Prudencio@lls.edu or 213-736-8195; Video Relay 866-912-8193. Parking in the Loyola Law School lot is $6. There is ample parking on the streets surrounding the law school. Read signs carefully. Click here for Driving Directions.
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