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Feature: Breast Health
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Pre-Op Chats - Preparing for your hysterectomy

Round Table Discussion - Exploring your Options for your Hysterectomy
Nov 12, 2009
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I was at the mall last week and passed by a "middle of the mall" activity - an indoor bungee jump. I stood for a while and watched folks of all ages strap themselves in and jump. I was mesmerized. These folks were trying something new!

No, I didn't get in line - but from time to time it's a good thing to make a giant leap, to try something new. This new format for our "HysterSisters News" emails is something new.

Each month our goal is to send website news along with a featured health concern for our members. This month - may be October - but its a pink month for Breast Awareness. Have you scheduled your yearly mammogram?
flower Feature: Breast Health
Two ways to take action:
Schedule your mammogram
Lower your breast cancer risk

The most effective way to fight breast cancer is to detect it early. Self-exams? Good! But the most effective detection is a mammogram. Have you scheduled yours this year?  We like to encourage our members to have their well-women checkup and mammogram during their birthday month as an easy way to remember.

Yes, our genes can work against us but there are ways to lower our risk. Exercise more than three times a week can reduce your risk of breast cancer by 30%-50%. Women 25 pounds or more overweight seem to get breast cancer more than twice as often as those who are not overweight. Stop smoking.

And be sure and check out the Breast Health forum at HysterSisters.com to find woman to woman support for your breast health questions.

Visit the Breast Health Forum
Doctor Featured: Breast Health Forum
"Yesterday, I got a call from the doctor office about my mammogram/breast ultrasound that I have done together every year. She said I needed to come in ASAP but the Dr. was not there... Later, she had him call.

"He said not to worry (easy enough for him to say!!) That 99% of the time, calcifications are "nothing". But since my tests showed neither positive or negative for (and I hate this word) "cancer", I go in next Friday for an exam. Then, he recommends a biopsy "just to be sure"....Read More
Bloom Study You are Invited to Participate
If you haven't heard about the BLOOM Study which is a medical research study for  menopausal women (natural menopause or surgical menopause) suffering from a decrease in desire, be sure and check out the full information article on the HysterSisters website.

Read more about it here and make that call if you might qualify!
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We've known for over 11 years that the HysterSisters members are the best. HysterSisters understand that our health depends on our active role in medical decisions - from GYN concerns to breast health, from hand-washing germ control to fitness.

Thank you to all our HysterSisters members for helping to make HysterSisters.com the best website for women's health support needs - woman to woman! (And remember: Don't forget your mammogram!)
Blessings galore,
Kathy Kelley
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