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Volume 34 Number 1

April 2012

Call for Proposals

 Deadline: June 22, 2012


CoTESOL 36th Annual Fall Convention and Exhibition


November 9-10, 2012

Red Lion Hotel Denver Southeast, Aurora

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"Setting the Tempo to the Tune of Innovation"

 Form for Submitting a Proposal Online

2012 Fall Convention COMING SOON!!!

Chris Tombari

2nd Vice President


Dear CoTESOL Members,


"Setting the Tempo to the Tune of Innovation." Not only is the alliterative rhythm of our convention theme attractive, it beckons you to join in as a PRESENTER. CoTESOL's Annual Fall Convention (November 9-10, 2012) is the Rocky Mountain region's largest ESL convention. The benefits of presenting are many, and there is a medley of options. In whatever style you wish to communicate your work, there is most likely a forum that will accommodate your presentation. And while we cannot guarantee fame, fortune, or even a book contract, you will gain the advantage of networking with colleagues from all over.

So what are you jazzed about in your work? Have you recently completed (or are currently engaged in) a research project that will change the way we operate in the classroom? Do you have an activity you facilitated that caused all your students to suddenly exclaim, "NOW I get it!"? Maybe you'd like to share some unique cultural insights working with a particular group of learners. Or maybe you have found a particular successful and innovative method for teacher training or teacher observation.


Remember, teaching is often a solo profession when it comes to collaboration and interacting with colleagues while on the job. There is much you do that we'll never know about unless YOU TELL US. Please seriously consider - and then follow through with - your desire to submit a proposal to CoTESOL's Fall Convention (online at: The deadline is June 22, 2012. Don't just tune in and attend; set the tempo for your audience to follow.




Chris Tombari




CoTESOL Executive Board Holds a Retreat

Erin Kimmel

1st Vice President


On January 28th, the CoTESOL board had a day-long retreat at the Red Lion Hotel to launch the new year. The main objectives of the day were to help new board members better understand the functions of the organization, but it was also a chance for the outgoing board members to share wisdom, and for all members to collaborate, exchange ideas, and get to know each other. Meeting at the convention site also allowed everyone to gain some additional familiarity with the facilities; we hope that all these efforts results in a fantastic fall convention! 


Celebrating Poetry:  
An Immigrant's Perspective
COTESOL POETRYBy 2010, when I landed in Canada, I had been teaching English language and literature for almost two decades in Iranian universities and language schools. But before I learned English, I spoke two other languages: Persian and Poetry. My first English poem was born a month before my departure. That was the moment I claimed English as my own. (more) 
Using Blogs for English Language Teaching

Incorporating blogs into a language class can be a fun and interactive way to have students practice their writing. Blogs not only allow for individualized expression, but as students become more and more familiar with technology, they are an easy way to communicate and share learning. (more)


 Funded Exchange for Educators
American Councils for 
International Education 

American Councils for International Education, our non-profit organization, would like to remind you of the approaching deadline for our fully-funded programs for teachers and administrators. I would appreciate your assistance distributing this announcement to anyone who you think is interested, and I am happy to answer any questions you have about these programs. My contact information can be found at the bottom of this email. These programs are fully funded through the U.S. State Department.

Educational Seminars: Bring the World to Your School
The Educational Seminars Program provides short-term professional development opportunities to teachers and administrators from around the world, for 2-3 week reciprocal exchange programs and one-way professional development programs. Participating countries include Argentina, Brazil, Thailand, and Uruguay for reciprocal exchanges and Greece, India, and Italy for one-way programs.  All Educational Seminars provide airfare, training, travel health care, and living costs. For more information, please visit  or email  Currently accepting applications for eligible administrators and teachers of ESL, Math, and Science.


Please watch this video to learn more and hear from past participants: Program Video
2012 Fall Convention Coming Soon!!!
CoTESOL Retreat
Celebrating Poetry
Blogs for ELT
Funded Exchange for Educators
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