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Timed Bypass Exit Alarm and Rechargeable Battery 

The Detex EAX-3500 is designed for applications requiring a hardwired, timed-bypass alarm with rechargeable backup battery. Violation of the door contact switch will cause the 100dB alarm to sound when someone attempts an unauthorized exit.


The EAX-3500 can be temporarily bypassed for deliveries and trash removal, but reminds the manager to close and secure the door. While most products can be turned off, the EAX-3500 is made to always be on. The system can't be disabled. 


  • Timed bypass allows alarm to remain bypassed for alotted minutes and automatically rearms when door closes
  • Low battery alert
  • Accepts 5, 6, or 7-pin standard and interchangeable core mortise cylinders with a standard Yale cam 
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EAX-3500 (Surface Mount).........$589 List Price
EAX-3500SK (Surface Mount).....$674 List Price
Includes Surface Door Contacts & Plug-in Transformer
EAX-3500FK (Flush Mount)........$708 List Price
Includes Flush Door Contacts, Flush Wall Kit & Plug-in Transformer

Prices subject to change




Tech Tip     


You expect your personal and business investments to last a long time. Exit alarms are no different. They can either be hard-wired, such as the EAX-2500, or battery-powered, such as the EAX-500. Hard-wired alarms can only be placed on the wall, since they don't have EAX-3500 on wallthe portability that battery-powered alarms have. But did you know that battery-powered alarms can be mounted on the wall as well as the door? Wall mounting your alarm helps avoid the abuse that the door takes, including from the weather and from usage. Weatherized alarms, such as the EAX-300W and EAX-500W must be mounted on the door or gate, since they are better equipped to take the abuse.


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Detex technical support at 800-729-3839, ext. 2.
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