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Advantex and Value Series Flexibility

The Detex Advantex 10 Series Rim Exit Device is available in two standard lengths, 36" and 48", designed to fit standard hollow metal or wood door, however it will mount on 3 ", medium stile doors as well. 

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The Detex Advantex 40 Series, Narrow Stile Rim Exit Device is available in two standard lengths, 36" and 48", but it is designed to fit (2"-3 ") narrow stile glass store front doors. The Advantex 40 Series is slightly longer than the Advantex 10 Series, allowing the head of the exit device to mount on leading stile and the end cap to mount on the hinge stile, of a narrow stile door.


The Advantex 40 Series comes standard with a semi mortise strike.


The Detex Value Series is available in two standard lengths, 36" and 48" and is applicable to most standard flush, medium and wide stile doors, 36" to 48" wide. To accommodate narrow stile doors, 2" - 3 " specify and order the NS option. (V40xNS) Detex will provide a longer exit device to accommodate the mounting requirements of a narrow stile door.

For meeting unexpected needs in the field, the Narrow Stile Door Kit or NSK is available and converts a standard V40 to narrow stile in less than 5 minutes. This is just another example of the flexibility of the Detex product line.  

10 Series 
40 Series 
V40 Series
Prices subject to change

$956 List Price


$1,049 List Price
$350 List Price





For more information - See Advantex 10 Series Catalog Page 

or - See Value Series V40 Series Catalog Page 


Tech Tip  


Templates taped to blue doorWhen installing most exit devices, proper use of the manufacturer template is very important. Most manufacturers provide a paper template that requires the installer to fold and tape the template to the door, being careful to insure the template is square to the frame and holes are exactly as measured.

Installers have asked for an easier, more accurate method to insure the installation is done properly. Designed by installers, BP1,StrikeLocator,PunchDetex provides a paperless template that consists of a mounting plate and a strike / backset locator. This not only eliminates the paper template, it provides for a faster, more accurate installation that can be easily performed by one person.  As an added suggestion, Detex recommends using a center hole punch to insure holes are drilled more precisely. One suggestion from a seasoned installer, seems to enhance the already easy installation, taking the idea of a center hole punch to an extreme. A small tapered cork or Center punch with corkrubber stopper with a hole drilled in the centered, acts as a guide that finds the exact center of the hole, allowing the center punch to easily find the exact center of a hole.

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