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 Battery Powered Door Propped Alarm 
 EAX-300 Black and Gray
The Detex EAX-300 Series is designed for applications where doors may be used for egress or ingress, but may not be held or propped open.
Benefits include: 


* Low cost, solution to propped open doors

* Helps keep energy costs down by ensuring doors are closed

* Quick, easy installation saves time and money

* Alarm silences when door is closed, no waiting for key-holder to arrive


Features include:


* Secure, tamper resistant housing

* Patented plastic template assures accurate installation by providing foolproof alignment with internal magnetic door contact

* Tapered cover allows for installation on narrow stile doors, 2" minimum

* Intelligent circuit senses the external magnet location automatically and sets the correct door handing

* 100dB piezo alarm

* 9VDC battery operated with Low Battery Alert

* LED visual arming indicators


Prices subject to change


$272.00 List Price




For more information - See Catalog Page 

Tech Tip   

The Detex Door Prop Alarms were originally designed to prevent secure doors from being propped open, helping to avoid a security breach in the access control system. Access Control.jpgDetex also manufactures exit alarms, such as the EAX-500, EAX-2500 and EAX-3500 that sound when someone exits though a controlled opening, thus helping to control foot traffic. However, in some applications, staff simply wants a local alarm to alert those nearby that a door was opened. Rather than create a situation where a supervisor is forced to come to the door with a key and reset an alarm, it is possible that they simply want an alert when someone opens a particular door. In such cases, the Detex Door Prop Alarms can be used as a door annunciator, by simply changing the field adjustable timer to zero seconds. When used as a door annunciator, the alarm will sound when the door is opened and stop sounding after 4 seconds. Typical uses include, low risk emergency exit only doors, doors leading to stockroom from sales floor, stairwell doors, and various internal doors within healthcare and educational facilities. Remember the Detex Door Prop Alarms can be used for two different purposes. So when you are asked about a door prop alarm or door annunciator alarm, know that Detex manufacturers one product that will satisfy either customer.


For more application questions, call:

Detex technical support at 800-729-3839, extension 2.
Contact Detex Sales at 1-800-729-3839 or your
local representative for more information

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