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Detex Offers a Wide Selection of Weatherized Products 


Detex has been manufacturing weatherized Security Door Hardware for decades.  Today, Detex offers the widest selection of weatherized products available from one manufacturer.  Detex offers products for garden centers, lumber yards, restaurant patios, facillities with walk-in coolers and freezers, as well as perimeter gates at cortyards and assisted living centers.  Detex products must pass a series of stringent tests, UL standards and Military Standards, in order to wear the Detex Weatherized Badge.  All Detex Weatherized products have been tested and proven to offer protection from Driving Rain, Salt Fog, Dust and Debris, as well as extreme temperatures.  Below are some links to the various devices Detex offers for weatherized applications.  Call your local representative today to receive a demonstration of these innovative products.  


Description of Weatherized Product                             List Price     
V40xW  - Non-Electrified Value Series Rim Panic                            $400          
10xW - Non-Electrified Advantex Series Rim Panic                          $1006        
EAX-500W - Exit Alarm, Gate or Door Mount                                  $318
V40xEBxW - Battery Alarmed Value Series Rim Panic                     $755
ECL-230X-W - Battery Alarmed Deadbolt Rim Panic                       $680      
ECL-230X-W-TB - Battery Alarmed 2 Point Deadbolt Panic            $1230  
ECL-230X-W-TD - Battery Alarmed 2 point Deadbolt Panic            $1050  
ECL-230X-W-TDB - Battery Alarmed 3 Point Deadbolt Panic         $1295
WDEx10 - Delayed Egress Integrated System EasyKit                    $4585         

For more information - See

Life Safety and Security Door Hardware Catalog Pages


Tech Tip 


Lubricating your Weatherized product 


Most of the Detex weatherized products require a cylinder and / or a battery to operate the electronics.  With a little preventative maintenance, most cyllinders will provide years of service, but here are a few Detex recommended tips to help keep your cylinder operating properly:


*  Periodically lubricate the pins by spraying a non-water based  lubricant into the keyway hole.  Insert and remove the key a number of times to insure the lubricant is distributed throughout the keyway.

Lubricate cylinder and latch bolt


*  Periodically lubricate the latch and dead latch mechanisms to ensure panic bars relatch and function properly, relocking the door as intended.




*  Check the 9 volt battery every 6 months.  A low battery alert will chirp when the battery needs to be replaced, but similar to smoke detectors, Detex recommends replacing the battery every 6 months.



For more application questions, call: 

Detex technical support at 800-729-3839, extension 2.


Contact Detex Sales at 1-800-729-3839 or your
local representative for more information








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