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Make Installation Videos Part of Your Preparation



Instructional videos have become common in our industry, explaining the uniqueness of each piece of hardware and helping installers conduct better, faster installations.  Detex has always designed products that are installer friendly and most will agree that all the hardware is very easy to install.  However for those that have never done an installation, viewing these videos, really illustrates just how quick and easy these devices are to install.  Below are some links to various helpful videos.

EAX-500 Gray 

       Installation Video for EAX-500 

       EAX-500 Installation Video 


       Battery Change Video for EAX-500

       EAX-500 Battery Change Video




ECL-230D Gray 

      Battery Change Video for ECL-230D

      ECL-230D Battery Change Video



Value SeriesInstallation Video for V40xEB

V40xEB Installation Video


Battery Change Video for V40xEB

V40xEB Battery Change Video



                                                Installation Video for 10 Series

                                                & Lever Trim

10 Series EA10 Series & Lever Trim Installation Video


Battery Change Video for 10xEA

10xEA Battery Change Video



                                                Installation Video for 

                                                Key Removable Mullion

                                                F90KR Mullion Installation Video


See Video Guide Page 



Tech Tip     


As a refresher, for when the installer is on the job sight, Detex provides a Quick Install Guide for just about every product we manufacture.  The Quick Install Guide is simply an overview of the installation process, broken into the key steps to completing a great Quick Install Guide in Boxinstallation.  

 Look for the large, bright yellow, Quick Installation Guide the next time you open a Detex Product.




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