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Electric Unlock Trim

Electric Unlock Trim

The EU Trim provides remote means of locking or unlocking a door for authorized entry, access control, security or safety needs when used in conjunction with any Detex wide stile rim (10 Series), surface vertical rod (20 Series), Mortise (30 Series) or concealed vertical rod (70/71, 80/81, 82/83 Series) exit device.  Excellent source of security for stairwell doors, elevator lobbies, or other access control systems used in installations in schools, universities, hospitals, retail, industrial, etc.

The EU2W Trim is used in conjunction with any Detex 40/V40 Series rim or 50/51/V50/V51 Series surface vertical rod exit device on doors with a minimum stile width of  4".
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Building Codes typically require most every door in a stair enclosure that serves more than four stories, have an automatic unlock but stay latched that is actuated with the initiation of the building fire alarm system.  These doors must unlock all stair enclosure doors to allow re-entry and the EU and EU2W are great solutions to meet these building codes.

EU / EU2W Trim 

Prices subject to change


$875.00 List Price




EU / EU2W Trim Electrical Options:
  • Fail Safe (FSA) - During power failure, the trim will always be unlocked.  (Life Safety option) EX: EU x FSA x DM
  • Fail Secure (FSE) - During power failure, device will be locked (Security  option) EX: EU x FSE x DU
  • Always specify handing (LHR or RHR)

For more information - See EU Catalog Page  or

                                     See EU2W Catalog Page  

Tech Tip 


All Thread


Ever have a trim for an exit device fall off the door while aligning the device, the trim and that first fastener?


A 6" to 8" piece of 1/4" all-thread is an effective way to prevent the trim from falling from the door while maneuvering the exit device into place. 

All Thread

Thread the "tool" into one of the trim top mounting studs before sliding the trim into the door prep.   


As the trim tips back the threads will catch on the far side of the door.  If your device is the type that requires three or four hands that will give you an edge against:  HOLDING the device, HOLDING the trim, LINING UP the tail piece, STARTING the screw with the power driver.
For those not familiar with Detex exit devices, you don't have to hold the device during installation because of Detex's patented four ounce mounting plate. Also, the spring loaded tail piece extends 1/2 inch through the door for easy alignment.


A similar "tool" installed in a sex bolt can be used to line up one end of a door closer during the mounting process.

For more application questions, call:

Detex technical support at 800-729-3839, extension 2.
Contact Detex Sales at 1-800-729-3839 or your
local representative for more information

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