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Detex works to continuously improve products, adding enhancements and upgraded features that differentiate the products, striving to always provide best in class, higher quality products that better fit your application needs.  In an effort to provide a better low energy automatic operator, Detex announces two improvements that will be beneficial to all customers, especially installers.
The Detex Low Energy Automatic Operators will now come standard with a 110VAC line filter.AC In-Line Filter  This filter will eliminate many problems associated with uncontrollable noise in the transmission line typically caused by electromagnetic interference (EMI), usually related to unstable power sources.  The effects of EMI vary greatly depending on the duration of the interference and automatic operator. Since EMI is usually unforeseen and not easily detected, it is difficult to diagnose and troubleshoot.  Therefore Detex is adding this line filter as a standard feature in all our low energy automatic operators, thus preventing costly service trips and allowing the product to operate as intended without external interference.

Detex is also enhancing the Low Energy Automatic Operator with an improved controller.New Detex UDC-1000 Controller  The B100 is being replaced with the Detex Universal Door Control 1000 or UDC1000.  The new controller provides the same features and options that you have enjoyed, but with greater durability and a Lock/delay adjustment making it easier to adapt to various customer requests. The new control is interchangeable with the B100 and can be added to any current Detex automatic operator. Detex will continue to support the B100 controller and provide replacements as requested.  Please note when replacing controllers used in an operator for a pair of doors, set for simultaneous opening, you will have the option of replacing just one of the current B100 controllers with another B100 controller or replacing both controllers with two of the new UDC1000 controllers.

New Features include:

* Adjustable lock relay time delay
* Inline filter comes standard, eliminating problems caused by 
  on-site electrical abnormalities
* Conforms to the latest upgraded U.L. requirements
* Interchangeable with prior B100 control
* Same layout & functions, no learning curve for techs

You will see both product improvements added to the Detex Low Energy Automatic Operator within the next several weeks.  Please contact your local sales representative or Detex directly for more information.

Tech Tip


When using any automatic operator to trigger another component, such as electric strike or electromagnetic lock, Detex suggests installing a diode.  Electric strikes and electromagnetic locks can experience a "discharge kickback" that can damage the automatic operator or other power source.  Electric Strikes and electromagnetic locks typically include a diode for just this purpose, but it must be installed to prevent the discharge from causing service related issues.  Keep this in mind the next time you install an electric strike or magnetic lock.

We hope you find these suggestions helpful and allow you to make your next installation even more profitable.  Email your installation suggestions to, so we can share it with other installers.

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