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F90KR MullionF90KR/90KR

The Detex Key Removable Mullions are very durable, low-cost mullions designed for use with rim exit devices on standard and fire-rated pairs of doors.  The unique design of the latching head allows the mullion to be removed in seconds with one key turn, and then to be snapped back into place without needing the key.
Simple, user-friendly operation

Provides years of trouble-free service and

Cylinder located inside the building to prevent

  tampering (cylinder sold separately)
Easily adapted to any double door application

Easy installation, no drilling of the mullion tube

 Easily cut to fit most any size application

  (10' and smaller)
Standard primer gray coating allows for easy

  field painting
Easy retrofit application
Designed for heavy-duty use on standard and

  fire-rated pairs of doors
Small profile base plate prevents interference

  when moving objects through doorway
Locking head mounted to frame, not mullion


90KR     $595
F90KR   $695

Prices subject to change

For more information - Key Removable Mullion  

Tech Tip

Strike Hooks Add Stability and Security

Single doors are much easier to secure as compared to a pair of doors, which are more vulnerable to burglar attacks.  However, pairs of doors with a removable mullion make daily operations of moving large items in or out of a building much easier.  When using a mullion on a pair of doors with rim exit devices, leading to the exterior, Detex recommends the use of a mullion strike hookStrike Hook (Detex PN 100091).  Strike hooks add stability and security to the opening, and travel on the face of the door, directly behind the latch bolt, interlocking with the strike when the door is closed.  When the strike hook and strike are interlocked, prying the door away from the mullion becomes difficult.  Consider adding strike hooks to your application for added stability and security.


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extension 2.
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