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The premium exit device with clear advantages: Advantex

Trouble-free operation

With our patented mounting plate and strike locator system, Advantex hardware is the easiest to install, and its heavy-duty construction ensures trouble-free operation in tough daily use.

Aluminum chassis with full, consistent finish wrap

Wide range of products for virtually every application

Fast, accurate installation with installer-friendly mounting

  plate system

Available in rim, surface vertical rod and mortise exit devices

Bottom bolt uses aligning latch system for doors up to +/-

  3/8-inch misalignment

Rods use flat strike, even for fire devices

Break-away lever in both locked and unlocked modes

Pushpad has no hooking points

Easy cylinder service without removing device from door

Cylinder dogging available with alarmed devices (non-fire)

Sloped end cap with three interlocking tabs keeps it engaged

  in device housing

End cap deflects carts

More electrified options: exit alarm, electric integration,

  electric dogging, electric latch retraction, delayed egress,

  delayed egress magnetic lock, various switching and

  signaling options

Electric latch retraction uses quiet motor that quickly retracts

  latch and touchpad exceeds Life Safety, ADA, CA Title 19,

  and BHMA Grade 1 requirements


10 Series with Lever Trim20 Series30 Series

10 Series     $875 (10x630)
20 Series     $1,375 (20x630)
30 Series     $1,325 (30x630)
08D Trim      $375

Prices subject to change

For more information - Advantex Panic Hardware
                   Life Safety and Security Door Hardware Brochure

Tech Tip


The Advantex Installation Advantage. 

Detex Advantex exit devices incorporate the friendliest installationNovember email Tech Tip Image design. The troublesome paper template has been eliminated and installing Advantex requires the installer to simply drill several round holes, avoiding the difficult oblong and rectangular cut-outs required by other manufacturers.

One key to installing any exit device correctly is to take care in marking your holes prior to drilling.  When using the paperless template to mark the door and frame you must hold the door firmly closed. Here is a helpful suggestion, supplied to us by a veteran installer.

Using a common floor wedge attached to a short lanyard will allow you to hold the door firmly closed.  While standing on the push side of the door, with the door slightly open, place the floor wedge on the pull side of the door and slide the lanyard under the door.  Now, pull the lanyard so the floor wedge closes the door and slides up snug against the pull side of the door.  You will be able to hold the door closed by pulling on the lanyard, allowing you to mark your holes with accuracy.

We hope you find this suggestion helpful and maybe your next installation is a little more profitable.  Email your installation suggestions to, so we can share it with other installers.


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extension 2.

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