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Electric Dogging for Lockdown 
EDK EasyKit 
The Electric Dogging EasyKits are designed for any door in any type of building where imminent danger to occupants requires immediate and simultaneous locking of multiple doors within the facility. When energized, and after the pushpad is depressed, the pushpad and the latch bolt remain retracted, providing push-pull operation. On-board key switch provides complete control of each device to key-holder. Immediate relocking of all devices is accomplished by using an external single switch or through a fire alarm input. LEDs offer visual indications of system status. All components required for this installation are included in one easy-to-order kit. For facilities with multiple doors, additional kits, without the central control switch, can be ordered.
EDK EasyKit        $1680.00
Prices subject to change
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Tech Tip
The Electric Dogging Keyed (EDK) device option is designed for classroom as well as entrance and exit doors. 

EDK device only 

Partial EDK

The primary function of the EDK is to allow teachers classroom entry control with an adminstrative instantaneous "lockdown" override.  The EDK can also be applied to perimeter and common area openings which may require immediate security when the situation requires immediate prevention of building or classroom entry. 
The exit device always allows egress to permit occupants to leave an area while in a lockdown or deactivated mode.  The storeroom function trim requires a key to gain entry.  Optional card and keypad trims are available.
When the device is de-energized; entry requires use of a key to retract the latch, allowing the door to be pulled open.  After entering the class room, the teacher can activate the EDK feature with the key switch built into the device.  When energized, and after the pushpad is depressed, the pushpad and the latch bolt remain retracted, providing quiet push-pull operation.  The built-in indicator allows the teachers and facility personnel to determine the security status of the device. 
Pushbutton Keyswitch ComboRelocking all devices is accomplished by using either the administrative keyswitch or any of the lockdown pushbutton switches.
Door remains latched until built-in keyswitch is set to the access allowed position and the pushpad is depressed.

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