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For use on all Advantex exit devices, the Latch Bolt Monitor (LX) offers an internally mounted signal switch that monitors the position of the latch bolt. When used in conjunction with a door position switch, the Advantex Latch Bolt Monitor Switch (LX) can be used to insure a door is secure, signal when a door is opened and closed or send an alert when someone attempts to tamper with the latch bolt. 

 Common uses would include signalling a security guard or nurses station.  When an Advantex device is used on an opening with a high energy auto operator the LX can signal when the latch is retracted before the operator opens the door.


The LX(V) can be combined with the optional Advantex ER, electric latch retraction, as well as many electrified options including, EA, ED, EE, EExER, EX, EXV, and EXxW.   
LX               $196.00
LXV             $330.00
Prices subject to change 
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Tech Tip  

As a latch bolt monitor switch, the LX panic bar option is a great tool that can signal when the latch bolt is retracted, tampered with or signal when someone opens a door.  However a latch bolt monitor switch can only indicate if the latch bolt is extended or retracted and cannot indicate if a door is secure. 


To insure doors are secure, use the Advantex latch bolt monitor switch LX with a door position switch such as the MS-1039 / 1059

Detex offers the latch bolt monitor option with many exit devices, including the Advantex Latch Retraction with latch bolt switch (10xERxLX).  Typically used with access control applications, the   MS-1039 / 1059 along with the Advantex ER x LX can help insure that your doors are secure.  When wired in series, these two products in combination provide a great answer to applications that require a higher level of security.  When the door appears closed, but the latch is not secure, a signal can be sent to a multi-zone annunciator panel, door prop alarm or other security circuit, notifying supervisors that a door is not secure and immediate attention is required.


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