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MS-1039 / MS-1059
Magnetic Switch (Surface and Flush) 

             MS-1059F                             MS-1059S
    Brown shown - also available in white (MS-1039F and MS-1039S)
These magnetic switches are designed primarily to serve as sensing devices to detect the opening of a door or window; to assure that a protected door is securely under surveillance; to serve as a trigger for a wall-mounted Detex Exit Alarm; to signal that a door has been inadvertently left open; and to be used as a direct switch to set off many kinds of audio and visual alarms.
Benefits -
* Anti-Tamper Design
* Serves as a trigger for alarms or remote monitors
* Provides assurance that protected doors are under surveillance
* Simple installation
* BMS - Balanced Magnetic Switch provides improved security
 MS-1039F / MS-1059F               $27.00
 MS-1039S / MS-1059S               $37.00
          Prices subject to change 
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Tech Tip 

MS-1039 and MS-1059 Tech Tip


As a door position switch, the MS-1039 / 1059 is a great tool to trigger an alarm or signal security when an unauthorized entry or exit occurs.  However a magnetic door contact alone can only indicate if a door is open or closed and cannot indicate if a door is secure.


To insure your doors are secure, use the MS-1039 / 1059 with an exit device that is equipped with a latch bolt monitoring switch, such as the Advantex Latch Retraction with latch bolt switch (10xERxLX).  Typically used with access control applications, the MS-1039 / 1059 along with the Advantex ER x LX can help insure that your doors are secure.  When wired in series, these two products in combination provide a great answer to applications that require a higher level of security.  When the door appears closed, but the latch is not secure, a signal can be sent to a multi-zone annunciator panel, door prop alarm or other security circuit, notifying supervisors that a door is not secure and immediate attention is required.

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