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Value Series V50/V51 
For more information - See V50/V51 Catalog Page  
For more information - See V50xEB/EH Catalog Page 
V51 - Less Bottom Rod
48 - Device for 4' doors
96 - Device for 8' doors
120 - Device for 10' doors
RC - Rod Covers
BG - Bottom Bolt Guard
RCxBG - Covers & Guard   
96B - Dustproof Strike
NS - Narrow Stile
Prices subject to change
$635 List Price
$826 List Price
$904 List Price
$972 List Price
$20. add
$10. add
$50. add
$190. add
$110. add
$300. add
$40. add
$45. add
Tech Tip
  NSK Combined  Art

The Detex Value Series Panic Device (both rim & surface vertical rod) is available in two standard lengths, 36" and 48" and is applicable to most standard flush, medium and wide stile doors, 3' to 4' wide.  For 2" narrow stile door applications, add catalog suffix "NS" - example - V50xNS or V40xEBxNS.. 


For meeting unexpected needs in the field the Narrow Stile Door Kit or NSK is available and converts a standard Value Series to narrow stile in less than 5 minutes.  This is just another example of the flexibility of the Detex Product Line.

2" Narrow Stile Door Application Requirements:
When mounting on 2" narrow stile door all Value Series exit devices require the optional 98-semi-mortise strike (included in kit).
NS option ... Kits include #98 semi-mortise strike, conversion pieces and instructions.
NSK (PN-101879-1) Aluminum finish         $45. List Price
NSK (PN-101879-2) Black finish                $45. List Price

For more troubleshooting, call:

Detex technical support at 800-729-3839, extension 2.
Contact Detex Sales at 1-800-729-3839 or your
local representative for more information.

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