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DX Bolt
DX1, DX2, DX3 
Providing hinge-side protection, the DX Bolt is an additional line of defense against break-ins. Even if the exterior door hinges are compromised the DX Bolts keep your door locked and secure within the frame. These passive deadbolts are easy-to-install and offer another layer of attack resistance. DX Bolts can be added to most applications, providing code-compliant, economical, multipoint locking security. 
DX Bolts are available for use with all Detex panic hardware.
Each kit includes mounting hardware and template
DX1 - Kit with 1 Bolt.........$ 40 List Price
DX2 - Kit with 2 Bolts.......$ 77 List Price
DX3 - Kit with 3 Bolts.......$112 List Price
Prices subject to change
How to Specify 5 Point Lock as shown:
(1) ECL-230DxVRA-143B 2 point Lock
(1) DX3 three hinge side bolts
(Items each ordered separately)
For more information - See Catalog Page
Tech Tip
Available exclusively from Detex, the mortise cylinder socket wrench P/N 103779.
Designed to facilitate easier installation, the Detex cylinder wrench provides a secure positive grip when tightening the Detex mortise nut.  Great for use on the Detex EAX alarms, Detex Exit Devices requiring cylinders and any Detex product using a Detex mortise cylinder / nut.  List Price $40, but buy it for a limited time for net $18.
   - Fits into tight spaces
   - Prevents damage caused when conventional tools slip
   - DETEX logo
   - Nickel Plated
   - 2.5 inches long
   - Port holes for screw driver provide added leverage
Contact Detex Sales at 1-800-729-3839 or your
local representative for more information.

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