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Acquisition of Lockman Peck Automatic Door Operator 
Detex Corporation, has reached an agreement with Lockman Peck LLC to purchase the intellectual property and all exclusive rights related to their Model 2000 automatic door operator product line.
During the last eighteen months, this product line has been offered by Detex under the AO19 private label, and has been manufactured by Lockman Peck at South Bend, Indiana.  Production of the automatic operator product line will transition to Detex in New Braunfels, Texas by year end.
Tech Tip
Options for the AO19 
The AO19 Series, low energy automatic operator for swinging doors is available in several configurations.  For single doors, the AO19-1 is available for push or pull, left or right hand.  The AO19-2 can also be ordered for pairs of push or pairs of pull doors, while the AO19-3 is available for double egress applications.  Detex offers all three operators in either aluminum or bronze finish.  More information about how to order, features and benefits as well as technical information can be found on the Detex website.  More information 
Contact Detex Sales at 1-800-729-3839 or your
local representative for more information.

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