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Holiday Schedule
The holiday season is almost here, we wanted to let you know our office Holiday schedule.
Thanksgiving off for November 24th and 25th
Christmas off December 23rd - 26th
New Years off December 30th - January 2nd.
Our first day in the office for 2012 will be January 3rd.   


On the VAC website we have added a movie showing the versatility of the V200.  Click here to be directed to a quick video of the V200.

V200 Family

Retrofit Picture Contest

The contest is still open and will run until December 15th.  Remember we are looking for 2 pictures; the first picture will be of an existing valve page with a different brand positioner, the second picture will have the same valve package but with a V100, V200 or a D400 mounted on it.  The winner will receive an iPad.  Please email the pictures to
Extra High Temperature V200P

D400 Expanded
The V200P EHT (Extra High Temp) is rated for service from -40 to 325 F, offering a wide range of temperature applications. This pneumatic positioner is a very simple, force balance, spool valve positioner that not only handles high temperatures, but the Nema 4X enclosed is very rugged, can be mounted in any quadrant, and handles vibration very well. The special painting and high temp seals are selected for this product. The zero and span to the positioner can be accessed externally, so the cover doesn't have to be removed for calibration. The unique snap in spindle (drive shaft) design offers versatile mounting to various actuator applications including rotary or linear actuators.   If you have any questions on this product please call us today at
 (205) 678-0507


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The holidays are almost here and we are very thankful for our customers continued success with our product line.

In this product news will will discuss the D400's adaptive control function. The new video you can find on the VAC website, and some other good pieces of information.

All of us at Valve Accessories and Controls wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.

Thank you for your support!
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Training Class Graduates  
Training Class 10/2011   
A special thanks to everyone that attended our recent training class.  From left to right, William Mowery, John Zimmerman with TCV; Matt Brandt Crane Engineering; Gerald Snapka with EADS; Bethany Nichols with SDH Flow Control .  The next class that has availability is March 6th and 7th, 2012.  Please contact Tammie by email or call her at 205.678.0507
D400 Adaptive Control
The D400 has an option called Adaptive Control which is a self learning option.  When we calibrate a D400 on a valve package in the shop the dynamics on the valve are different static than when the valve is inserted into the flow.  The Adaptive Control feature will make adjustments on the fly while in service, constantly updating to optimize the best control parameters. 
The adaptive control feature is found in the control level and can be left
in adaptive control or if you feel the valve package is functioning at it's optimal level than you can put the D400 into control fix.  Control Fix is the operating level where it runs on stored parameters and does not change.
If you have any questions regarding the D400 and the Adaptive Control feature please call anyone at VAC.

D400 Expanded



Thank you for your continued support of our product line.  If you have any questions or would like to get more information. such as product brochures please call us at (205) 678-0507.

You may also visit our website for more information, (click VAC to be redirected)  Valve Accessories & Controls.



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