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Finally cooling off here....    September 24, 2012
Dear ,

Unfortunately I am still working on the Norwalk recap part #2.  I wanted to make sure I stayed on my monthly newsletter schedule so I decided to send this one that I had started working on before Norwalk.   


I hope to include a TIP Tech tip every month moving forward.  I as well as some other Pontiac GURUS will hopefully be contributing to the newsletter in the near future in the new tech section.   


Now that the weather is starting to cool a bit, we are hoping to get our Warp 6 headed TIP dragster back out on the track to lay down some numbers.  We have made a few small changes since Norwalk and we can't wait to see how they work.   I will keep you updated.


On another note, we have posted A LOT of pictures up on our facebook page.  If you would like to be apart of Tin Indian Performance's "inner circle" like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/TinIndianPerformance  In the future we will continue to post pictures from Norwalk as well as feature specials and hold contests and surveys on new products.   We look forward to seeing you there! 

Kevin Swaney
Tin Indian Performance, LTD.

TIP dragster 2012 Pontiac Nationals Q16 qualifying
TIP Dragster in KRE Q16 qualifying @ the 2012 Pontiac Nats 

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New Product - W6 exhaust gaskets
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TIP Tech tip - Rear Main Seal, which one do I need?   
TIP Rear Main Seal - TIP-RM300
One question we get asked frequently is, "What rear main seal do I need to order?" At Tin Indian Performance, we sell / advertise our seals according to the main journal size of the appropriate engine that uses them.  The TIP-RM300 is for 3" main journal blocks and the TIP-RM325 is for 3.25" main blocks. 


Pontiac engines / blocks that have 3 inch mains are 326 / 350 / 389 / 400. Keep in mind that when I say this, it means the cid of the original block casting. Pontiac engines / blocks that have 3.25 inch mains are the 421, 428 and 455 blocks. The most common main journal size for aftermarket blocks is 3"; however, 3.25" mains are also available as well. Now for those who are into measuring things and have the crankshaft available to them, the 3 inch main blocks have a crank sealing surface of approximately 3.188 inches. This would require the TIP-RM300 seal.    The 3.25 inch main bearing cranks have a sealing surface of approximately 3.436 which would use the TIP-RM325.


So when ordering your seal, know what main bearing journal size you have. If it is a 3" main you will need a TIP-RM300. If it's a 3.25" rear main journal, then it is a TIP-RM325.  Another thing that we did at Tin Indian Performance is to color code our seals.  Our 3" seal, TIP-RM300 is purple in color while our 3.25 seal is black.  Just a quick way to know / make sure you have the right seal you need.  ~ Kevin Swaney


Order a TIP Pontiac Rear main seal here

TIP-RM300 or TIP-RM325  
$29.95 each
NEW TIP T-Shirts

Treat yourself to one of our NEW Tin Indian Performance Dragster Ts.  These shirts feature our Tin Indian Performance Indian head on the front with a picture of the TIP dragster on the back.  The shirts are 50/50 blend and are available in 5 different sizes.  These shirts are made using direct print technology.   Not a big plastic ironed on decal.  Very comfortable to wear!
TIP Dragster shirt Front
TIP Dragster shirt Back



$20.00 ea
Customer Spotlight - Craig Bowers' 700 hp 467
A few months before Norwalk, Charlie Bowers brought us his son, Craig Bowers, motor to us.  They were in a bit of a rush as they wanted to have the motor done fCriag Bowers 700 horse 461or Norwalk and they wanted to up their power output to 700 hp.  We started off with a stock block that had to be fitted up with new 4 bolt main caps.  K&M performance did the align hone as well as the drilling and tapping for the 4 bolt mains.   We upgraded the old engine with one of our forged crankshaft rotating kits as well.  
Craig's old E heads were in need of quite a bit of work.  We started off by having KRE CNC port them.  They were then treated to a competition valve job, guides redone, and milled.  We installed a TIP custom ground solid roller camshaft with a Rollmaster timing chain.  We port matched Craig's existing Victor intake to the CNC ported heads.  Then engine is topped off with a 1050 dominator carb and a set of Tin Indian Performance Billet-TEK valve covers.

When we dynoed the engine we made a healthy 704 hp and 623 ft lbs of torque.  Craig ran a best of 10.21 @ 132 mph at Norwalk when the DA was over 4000 feet! 

Craig Bowers at the Pontiac Nationals
Craig warming the tires up at the 2012 Pontiac Nationals
Craig Bowers cooling off before a pass

Craig Bowers 704 horse 623 ft lbs of torque 461 pontiac engine
Craig Bowers 704 horse 623 ft lbs of torque 461 Pontiac engine

TIP's Inner Circle - T Shirt contest 
Want to be a part of Tin Indian Performance's "inner circle"?  If so join / like us on Facebook!  This form of social media provides us with an opportunity to keep our customers and friends informed with what's going on with Tin Indian Performance in a more real time way.   You will be able to see what new products we have coming out, specials, discounts, give-aways, and contests.  Currently we are having a TIP T shirt contest on the site.  Check it out!

Check us out on Facebook
New Products - W6 Exhaust Gaskets
W6 Exhaust Gasket non stick W6 Exhaust Gasket mica
These are our new W6 exhaust gaskets.  The grey gasket to your left is our standard non stick material that is approximately .125" thick.  The diameter of the hole opening is 2.225".  Sold individually at $4.95 each (8 required).

The tan gasket to the right is the TIP-W6CE-Mica gasket.  We have tested this material on header collector gaskets and have had excellent results.  This material is VERY durable.  The thickness is approximately .150" with a hole diameter of 2.225"  Sold individually at $7.50 each (8 required)

We also offer the matching header flanges! 
These flanges are CNC cut  from 3/8" thick  steel.  They are a great start for those making a custom set of Warp 6 headers!  Designed for the KRE Warp 6 Pontiac cylinder head ONLY! Flanges have a hole diameter of  2.225".

$15.00 each
(8 required)

Looking to build an engine?  Power Hungry?  We can help!  Give us a call to discuss your performance goals.   Anything from a restored stock engine to an all out race engine - we are your source for reliable PONTIAC POWER!
Check out our Killer Pump Gas Engine Combos here.   We are always updating this area of our website to show you running combos  that you can see AND hear on the dyno!
Spring will be here before you know it!  Get started on that rebuild NOW and check out new lower prices on our complete rotating assemblies.
Kevin Swaney Tin Indian Performance, LTD.