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Back from Norwalk & still celebrating!  August 20, 2012
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WOW!  WOW!  WOW!  What an amazing Pontiac Nationals!  My team and I have been on cloud 9 since the 21st annual Pontiac Nationals.  Of course it was hazy, hot, and humid AGAIN but we had an amazing weekend as we won the Kauffman Racing Equipment Quick 16!  We are the first to win the event with a 6 second pass in our Tin Indian Performance digger.  This was the 15th running of the event and we could not be more excited than to be the first 6 second winner AND it was all done with a set of KRE Warp 6 heads!  There are so many notable performances from the weekend I will break up the Norwalk coverage into 2 newsletters to make sure everyone gets mention.  


Kevin Swaney - Norwalk 2012 Q16 Champion
2012 KRE Quick 16 Champion Kevin Swaney 

The staff at Summit Motor Sports Park  was top notch.  We changed up our display again this year with a 60' tent.    The track and the facility in general were in great shape and the track was hook'n VERY good.  

 2012 Norwalk Display area   

Great News!  Thursday move in for the 2013 event .....  The announcement was made that at the 2013 Pontiac Nationals racers will be able to move in on Thursday!  You will still go to Linders Lot on Thursday but at 6 pm they will start to move people into the track.  There is also talk of a party on Thursday night with a band and food..... we will keep you posted as those details develop.

Wally Becker's crew
Wally Becker's Crew 

We were joined by Wally Becker and his sons with their 1970 Judge. Wally really stepped up his game with new uniforms for his team and a new clutch system for his 650+ horse 511 cid MR-1A combo! 
We had a great time catching up and racing all weekend.

Wally's Judge launching
Wally Becker's 1970 Judge launching 
Matt Dalton and son Billy
Matt & Billy Dalton
Thanks to all of our customers and friends for stopping by over the course of the weekend.  It was great to see everyone and catch up.    A special thanks goes out to my crew - Mike Williams, Craig Dienes, and my family for all of their help during the event.  I also had my first international guest at the event all the way from Australia - Mike Worledge.  I also had my good friend, Matt Dalton, come all the way from Florida with his son Billy.  It had been quite a while since I had seen Matt and it was great to catch up and have him help out with the car.  I think Matt was my "lucky rabbits foot" for the weekend!

Kevin Swaney
Tin Indian Performance, LTD.

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George Z wins raffle
TIP Best of Show winner
Hoban car raffle
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Norwalk Raffle - George Z wins tickets & TIP T's  

Two weeks before the event, we had a raffle where you could win tickets to the event.  To enter all you had to do was make a purchase from Tin Indian Performance.  George Zimnicky won the 2012 raffle and got a free weekend racing entry and a free weekend pass for his wife. 

George Z and Wife getting prizes
Mike Williams, George Z and his lovely wife Cathy

It was VERY ironic that I met George in the finals of the KRE Quick 16 to say the least.  After the race, I said to George "I thought you would take it easy on me since I hooked you up for the weekend".  OBVIOUSLY NOT!!  George treed me badly in the finals by cutting a .014 light!  We look forwarding to having this raffle again next year.

NEW Car Show Prize - TIP Best of Show
TIP Best of show winner Tony Feil
Craig Dienes / Tony Feil
This year we decided to get more involved on the car show side of the event.  So we toured the car show side on Saturday looking for the Pontiac that stood out the most.  Craig Dienes had the daunting task of picking this years event winner and after much discussion and debate, Tony Feil's 1940 Pontiac model 25 coupe was crowned the winner of the 2012 Tin Indian Performance Best of Show award.

Tony's '40 Coupe has Pontiac parts in it from 1935 to 1973!  It has a 1973 Pontiac 455 engine with a hydraulic roller cam that makes 500 hp and 500 ft lbs of torque.  Engine is topped off with a '58 Rochester fuel injection system.  Tony has a very unique Pontiac Hot Rod and it was VERY deserving of our first annual award.

 Congratulations Tony!
Tony Feil's 1940 Pontiac 25 Coupe Tony Feil's 1940 Coupe
Hoban Car Raffle - WIN THIS CAR!
Hoban Car Raffle - Chevy Cruze
I know, I know!  I never thought I would see a Chevy in this newsletter either but it IS for a good cause! (and as we all know they unfortunately can't raffle off a new Pontiac anyway) So, help us help Archbishop Hoban High School Athletics!  You can do so by:

Purchasing a raffle ticket - $10.00 each Make a Donation
or by
Purchasing a Tin Indian Performance T shirt and receive a FREE raffle ticket - $15.00 each  Buy Now

** All graphics will be removed from the car for the winner


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Next newsletter.......... THE RACE!
Staging lanes at Norwalk 2012

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