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Gearing up for the start of the season...
April 25, 2012
Dear ,

With the weather warming up we have been very busy lately.  Seems we can't get things done fast enough to get caught up.  Hopefully your spring projects are off to a great start and your ready for the upcoming season.   


We are almost ready to put the new  KRE Warp 6 Headed combo on the dyno.  I Just need to make lines for the new dry sump oiling system and we will be ready to go.  Unfortunately I have not had time to do the write up on the canted valve heads this month.  All of the data is gathered I just have to put aside some time and write it up.  Hopefully next month. 


Other than that, we are looking forward to getting together with the guys from Hammer Time Racing this weekend.  Talk to you next month.   



Kevin Swaney
Tin Indian Performance, LTD.

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Charlie Bowers' 1000 + HP 535
2012 Pontiac Challenge Give Away
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Charlie's 1000+HP 535 MR-1A combo

We recently completed this build for one of our customers, Charlie Bowers.  Charlie has been planning this build for quite some time and we were finally able to get the engine done for him last month.  There is really NOTHING quite like hearing a high horsepower Poncho on the dyno that is for sure. 
Charlie Bowers' 1000+ HP 535
This 535 cid MR-1A engine is equipped with a custom 55mm solid roller cam and a set of KRE 400 cfm High Port Heads. The engine also has GRP rods, Scat forged crankshaft, and Ross gas ported pistons.  The induction is handled with a set of custom configured PRO Systems 1150 carbs on top of a KRE sheet metal intake with CNCed billet runners!  We also set this engine up with our custom engraved TIP logo covers and one of our high end TIP evac kits.  This combo made 1025 horsepower at 7200 rpm and 800 ft lbs of torque at 6400!  This combo will be installed in Charlie's 1966 GTO.  Charlie hopes to have the new engine in the car by Norwalk, we can't wait to see the finished project!

Charlie Bowers 535 Pontiac making 1025 hp 800 ft lbs of torque
Charlie Bowers' 535 Pontiac making 1025 hp 800 ft lbs of torque

Pontiac Challenge Give away 8/18/2012
Polished Billet-TEK valve covers - TIP logo with Pontiac

 We are pleased to announce that we will be supporting the 2012 Pontiac Challenge held at Rolling Thunder Dragway on August 18, 2012 with a Billet-TEK valve cover give away.  We will also be giving away some TIP gear as well.  Please stop by and sign up for our monthly newsletter and that will enter you into the drawing for the Billet-TEK covers or our T-shirt give away.  We look forward to seeing you there! For more information please contact Shawn Kneisly at truelypmd@aol.com   


2012 Pontiac Challenge Event Flyer

If you are looking for Tin Indian Performance products on the east coast, look at Hammer Tim Racing.  They are in their 2nd year of operation and they are continuing to grow.  They have recently invested in a new website and will be hitting up 5 events on the east coast this year.  Check them out at www.hammertimeracing.com

2012 HTR Event Schedule

May 5th - 30th Annual Spring Englishtown Swap Meet & Auto Show Swap Meet Friday-Saturday-Sunday Auto Shows: Saturday & Sunday for all makes and models. http://www.etownraceway.com/swap_meets.aspx 
English Town, New Jersey
June 17th Pontiac at the Grove 2nd annual - http://pontiacsatthegrove.com 
Maple Grove Raceway, Mohnton, PA
August 3,4,5 Pontiac Nationals http://www.pontiacnationals.com/ 
Summit Racing, Norwalk Ohio
October 6th Chevy Fest (Firebird vs Camaro and Battle against the brands) http://www.newenglanddragway.com 
New England Drag way, New Hampshire
November 3rd  B.O.P Nationals.  Buicks, Oldsmobile, Pontiac Drag day, car show, and swap meet.  http://atcorace.com 
ATCO, New Jersey

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Check out our Killer Pump Gas Engine Combos here.   We are always updating this area of our website to show you running combos  that you can see AND hear on the dyno!
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Kevin Swaney Tin Indian Performance, LTD.