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Loving the mild Ohio winter...
February 28, 2012
Dear ,

I wish every NE Ohio winter was like this one..... We have been blessed with a VERY mild winter this year.  It is certainly helping to keep us motivated and working to be on the track first thing this spring.  We hope to be ready with the car and new engine combo when the tracks open this year.  Our new KRE Warp 6 Headed combo should be on the dyno in the next week or 2.  We are hoping to see some really good numbers!!  We will give you a report in the next months newsletter. 


Another item we are working on for next months newsletter is a comparison of the canted valve heads that are available on the market for Pontiacs.  We are going to compare the KRE Warp 6 heads to a pair of Roland Racing heads.  Both heads will be in stock form on 535 cid combos.  Dyno testing of the combos should be complete this week.  Stay tuned......   


The CNC machines are calling.... time to get back to work. Talk to you next month.   



Kevin Swaney
Tin Indian Performance, LTD.

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Highest HP D-Port Combo by KRE

I was fortunate enough to be down at Kauffman Racing Equipment when they dynoed this combo.  It is always a real treat to sit in on a big cube / high HP dyno session!   These are the kind of combos that give you goose bumps!!

This is Doug Jones' 535 cid MR-1A engine equipped with a KRE custom 55mm solid roller cam. The engine features a set of rocker shafted KRE D-port heads. The first of the D-port War Chief Heads. These KRE D-port heads flow over 360 cfm, have 74cc chambers, and they use a T+D rocker shaft system. This combo made 839 horsepower at 7100 rpm. and 722 ft lbs of torque at 5700! This is a single Dominator setup on race gas. This Super bracket combo by KRE will be installed in Doug's 1969 Firebird......  All I can say is HANG ON DOUG!!!!

Highest Horsepower NA Pontiac D port Headed engine KRE 540 dyno pull
Highest Horsepower NA Pontiac KRE D-port Headed 535 enginel
Pontiac Valve Cover Breathers
Engraved powder coated breathers


These are our new powder coated engraved valve cover breather caps.  These can be used with our Billet-TEK valve covers or any valve cover with a push-in style breather hole.


Jazz up those boring old valve covers with these cool valve cover breathers. These satin black coated aluminum breathers are designed with performance, longevity, and ease of maintenance in mind. They have a 2-piece design with a positive O-ring seal that provides easy access to their washable filter.


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