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Norwalk Hangover August 31, 2011
Dear ,

Wow!  I still don't feel 100% as I am still recovering from the 20th annual Pontiac Nationals!  Other than the hazy, hot, and humid (typical Norwalk weather) we had a great weekend.  There are so many notable performances from the weekend this newsletter could have been broken into 2 newsletters but I will do my best to cover everything now.   


The staff at Summit Motor Sports Park  was exceptionally helpful to us this year.  The track and the facility in general were in top notch condition as usual.  In my opinion this is by far the best track in the world!   Special thanks to Bobbie Bader for helping us pull off a great sponsorship weekend.       Pit spot shot 2011 Norwalk

This year we changed up our display quite a bit and we also invited 2 customers to pit with us.  We were joined by Wally Becker and his sons with their 1970 Judge and all the way from Louisana, Jay Johnson brought his 8 second 1967 GTO.  We will be doing features on both cars a future
newsletter as both cars feature TIP built 510 cid MR-1A engines that performed flawlessly all weekend.  Look for these articles in the near future.  We had a great time catching up and racing all weekend.

 Pit spot shot  #2 2011 Norwalk

Thanks to all of our customers and friends for stopping by over the course of the weekend.  It was
great to see everyone and catch up.    A special thanks goes out to my crew - Mike Williams, Craig Dienes, and Adam King - and my family for all of their help during the event.

Kevin Swaney
Tin Indian Performance, LTD.

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Billet-TEK Give away / Cut a Perfect Light Contest 

Polished Billet-TEK valve covers - TIP logo with Pontiac

We had a great turnout for our annual Billet-TEK valve cover drawing again this year at Norwalk.  We have not picked a winner for the contest yet as we are still organizing and entering all of the entries.  

TIP Logo valve cover

We also had a lot of people participate in our "Cut a Perfect Light" contest this year.  The tree was a bit busier this year and people were really banging on the tree!  To our surprise only 2 people cut perfect lights all weekend.  A 7 year old girl and a 10 year old boy!  They don't even race yet!!!  With all of the hard core drag racers on site we thought we would have a few more winners.  Thanks to everyone who participated.  We had a great time running the contest.


Best appearing crew trophy
This was one of our best years racing at this event in years. 
I would like to thank my friends and my family again for all of their help over the course of the weekend.  It takes a lot of effort from many people on our team to have a successful and enjoyable weekend.  I would also like to say a special thanks to my crew - Mike Williams, Craig Dienes, and Adam King.


Our team won the best appearing crew award again this year.  It was the second year in a row that we won.  It was definately rewarding to be noticed in front of the huge Norwalk crowds.  Thanks to Delbert Rogers for accepting the award for us as we were busy preparing the dragster for the KRE Quick 16. 


As noted in the last newsletter, we did not bring any parts to sell this year.  The only thing we did sell this year were t-shirts.  We unveild a new version of our popular team shirts as well as some new colors for our standard Ts - and safety green was the hot color this year.  We wore them as a team on Saturday and they were a huge hit.  If you are interested in getting one or our new T shirts, you can check them out here


This was the first year we gave out FREE ice cream coupons and they were a huge hit!  We passed out close to 400 coupons.  Hopefully you got to enjoy some of the great Norwalk ice cream on us! 


Wally Becker's 1970 Judge 

Wally Becker's 1970 Judge

Wally's Judge

This year we invited Wally Becker and his sons from North Carolina  to pit with us.  Wally brought his 1970 GTO Judge that is equipped with a Tin Indian Performance built all aluminum MR-1A 510 cid engine.  Wally and his boys seemed to have a really good time taking his car down the track in the Tin Indian Performance Street Class.  Wally was running 13's at 116 mph!  Not to shabby for a car with street tires on it and a 4 speed!   We hope to feature Wally's car in a future newsletter detailing more about the car, engine and driveline.  Wally is talking about adding some slicks to the mix so we will have to wait for that so we can get the new track numbers in the article.  Thanks for coming out to Ohio  Wally and we look forward to seeing you again soon.


J Johnson's 1967 GTO

Jay purging the NOS

Jay Johnson's 1967 GTO 


We also invited Jay Johnson who came all the way from Covington, Louisiana!  Jay's car also has an all aluminum Tin Indian Performance built MR-1A pump gas 510.  Jay was running 9.30's on the motor all weekend and he ended up spraying it a bit to get into the KRE Quick 16.  Jay qualified #8 on the door car side running a 8.72 @ 152 mph!  This was pretty impressive as this was Jay's first trip to Norwalk and it turned out to be one of the quickest KRE Quick 16 fields of all time!  Had there been a full open body side Jay would have been the bump at 8.72!  Unfortunately Jay got taken out in the first round by Jeff Kauffman but he had a great weekend and the car performed great.   After the event, we pulled Jay's engine out as he wants to make some "upgrades" for the coming 2012 season.  Look for Jay to qualify even higher in the Quick 16 next year. 


Tin Indian Performance Dragster

TIP Dragster

TIP Digger going at it with the KRE Digger


This year the TIP Digger ran very well - it was the driver that was pretty rusty!  It is hard to be a good racer when you only race once or twice a year but time only permits for so many things.  That being said, our first pass was a 7.63 and we were qualified #3 and we made that pass with the chute out at about the 60 foot mark!  Unfortunately a little tire shake killed a good run as it shook the chute out very early in the run.   We finally got it together for the third and final qualifying session and ran a 6.97 @ 190 and qualified #2 right under Jeff Kauffman's blown digger which ran a 6.81 @ 200 mph.   

Two 6 second dragster passes
This is two of the three cars that made 6 second passes made over the course of the weekend pictured here. The TIP Digger ran the 6.97 and Jeff Kauffman's KRE Digger ran the 6.81  Bill Mellott was the only other car to run in the 6 second range during the event.  Bill ran a 6.66 in his '65 Pro Mod  GTO 


We were very happy with that time as the DA was over 4000 feet and the track was getting pretty greasy.   We made it to the semi finals before we had an electrical problem that ended our day of racing.  It certainly was nice to go a few rounds this year and get into the money rounds!    

Mike Williams' 1966 GTO 

Mike Williams wheels up
Mike Williams' '66 GTO with the wheels way up! 

This was the first time in 4 years that Mike had his 1966 GTO at Norwalk.  You would think Mike would be a little rusty behind the wheel but he started off the weekend right by beating Hammer Time Racing's Scott Fischer.  Mike had Scott covered by the 1/8 mile marker in the HTR Grudge Race and turned on his win light with ease.  The Tin Indian Performance team went 1 and 1 in the Hammer Time Racing Friday Night Grudge Race and we look forward to being able to participate in it again.  


Williams burn out Norwalk 2011

Mike Williams warming the tires up

Sunday Mike was ready and entered the Super Pro field on a mission.  Racing both the dragster and Mike's '66 presented us with some challenges and it was nice to have some new crew members really step up into new positions.  Mike battled His way through the entire field making it to the finals late in the day Sunday.  Unfortunately, Mike's transmission decided to give up the ghost and end his great day for him.  Knowing how many hard core racers attend this event, this was quite an accomplishment.   Congratulations Mike!


Frantic 4 - KRE DESTROYS the NA Door Car Record
KRE GXP Launch

The Quick 4 had a lot of carnage in it this year so there were some heavy hitters that didn't make the field.  Bill Mellott qualified #4 with his  Pro Mod 1965 GTO.  He qualified  with a 7.59 @ 125 mph.  Bill later ran an exhibition pass to further tune on the car and he posted his fastest pass to date in the car - a 6.66 @ 183 mph.  That pass moved Bill up into the #4 spot on the Fastest Pontiacs List.  


 Mark Kauffman in his new 2009 GXP Warp 6 headed MR-1A 535 cid engine smashed door car record in quick 4 qualifying.  He qualified #1 with a 7.25 @ 190 mph when the DA was over 4000 feet!  The Kauffman's will be looking for the FIRST EVER  6 second NA door car pass this fall!    


Congratulation to Frank G who won the Quick 4 with a win over Mark Kauffman.  Frank ran a 7.60 to Mark's 7.24 as Mark had a little trouble with the car on the starting line.  All in all for the first time out with the car, the Kauffman boys were very happy with the performance of their new GXP.

Bill Mellott's PRO MOD '65 GTO
Bill Mellott's BAD ASS '65 Pro Mod GTO 
KRE Quick 16
Todd Filson burnout at Norwalk 2011
Todd Filson's Digger running 7.40's

Congratulations to Todd Filson for winning the KRE Quick 16 for the second year in a row.  Todd's dragster was very consistent over the course of the weekend and we were really looking forward to meeting him in the finals before we had our electrical issue.  Would have been really cool to have an all dragster final!   Todd took out George Z in the finals to win the class.  Congratulations to both racers. 


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Kevin Swaney
Tin Indian Performance, LTD.