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Starting to thaw out March 21,  2011
Dear ,

We have started to thaw out here in north east Ohio which is a nice change from all of the snow we have been getting; however, we could use a little letup in the rain...... Progress has been made on the CNC machines and we will be back up very soon.   It seems like I have been working on the machines forever now and it will be nice to hear them running again and throwing chips!  For those who have wanted to order Billet-TEK valve covers we will take orders on a first come first serve basis starting March 21st.   We are looking forward to being back in production as much as you guys are!   


TIP CNC machine putting a logo in a Billet-TEK valve cover  


A special thanks goes out to Mark Kauffman from Kauffman Racing Equipment for helping me get these machines back on their feet.  Mark is a CNC whiz and without his help and tutelage I'm confident I wouldn't have these machines even close to being operational yet.   It certainly is nice to have access to the top Pontiac parts manufacture to give you a hand when you need it.  Thanks Mark!  


WARP 6 Cylinder Head rocker areaBack to the finishing touches on the CNC's and getting my shop back in order............    



Kevin Swaney
Tin Indian Performance, LTD.

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Customer Spotlight
NEW Product - Water Pump Sleeves
Pontiac Header Flanges
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CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT - Luke Goodwin's 482  

TIP 482 Pontiac Engine heading 'Down Under'
Luke Goodwin 482 cid Pontiac engine on dyno

Luke Goodwin's 482 Pontiac engine on the dyno

We were contacted by Luke Goodwin to build him a strong running engine with good street manners for his '67 Firebird.   Luke was initially going to buy one of our rotating assemblies but then decided just to have us build him one of our 482 cid Pontiac crate engines.

Luke's engine started off with a K&M Performance Parts MR-1 Pontiac block as the foundation for the build.  We fitted the MR-1 with an 4.25" stroke Ohio Crankshaft forged crank, Eagle rods, and 4.250" bore Ross custom dished pistons with Total seal rings. 

The short block was completed with a Tin Indian Performance custom ground Comp Cams hydraulic roller camshaft, Comp hydraulic roller lifters, and Rollmaster timing chain.   This engine uses all Tin Indian Performance gaskets and seals as well.
Luke Goodwin 482 cid Pontiac engine on dyno side shot

Luke's 482 ready to make another 600 + hp pull!.


We topped the engine off with a set of 325 cfm 85cc KRE D port aluminum cylinder heads, KRE 325 cfm port matched North Wind intake manifold and HP 1000 Pro Systems custom carb.   The final compression ratio of the engine is 10.62 to 1.

We then finished off the engine with a Pro Race SFI balancer, Tin Indian Performance custom engraved valve covers,  and a MSD distributor. 

Performance:  Luke's 482 has a noticeable lope and will idle down to 750/800 rpm.  The engine sounds
very tame until you mash the throttle.   Click here to view a copy of the Luke Goodwin's 628 horse dyno sheet.  Enjoy Luke! 


Luke Goodwin's 482 cid Tin Indian Performance built Pontiac engine ideling on the dyno 
Luke Goodwin's 482 cid Tin Indian Performance built Pontiac engine ideling on the dyno


Luke Goodwin's 482 Pontiac engine ideling on the dyno at 800 rpm

Luke Goodwin's 482 Pontiac engine ideling on the dyno at 800 rpm


Luke's 482 made 628 horsepower and 645 ft lbs of torque!   

Luke Goodwin's 482 cid 628 hors 645 ft lbs of torque 300 rpm dyno pull

Luke Goodwin's 482 cid 628 horse 645 ft lbs of torque on a  300 rpm dyno pull  

TIP  Water Pump SleevesThese are our new Pontiac water pump sleeves with rubber seals.  These sleeves are essential to efficient water pump operation.  This is a frequently overlooked part  in your Pontiac's cooling system.  If you are replacing your water pump you should inspect and replace these sleeves if necessary.  

Our Price: $20.00
S & H: $4.00
FEATURED PRODUCT  - Pontiac Header Flanges  

TIP round port header flange

Spring will be here before you know it and if you have been putting off building that new set of headers for your combo you best get started now!  And what better way to start than with a set of our TIP CNC cut 3/8" header flanges.  These flanges give you a great foundation for your round port or D port custom header projects. 

TIP D port header flange


Our round port flanges are available in 2 and 2.125".  We also have D port flanges available as well.

 Price: $60.00 

S & H: $15.50


Buy  a set of Pontiac Header Flanges NOW!

Looking to build an engine?  Power Hungry?  We can help!  Give us a call to discuss your performance goals.   Anything from a restored stock engine to an all out race engine - we are your source for reliable PONTIAC POWER!
Check out our Killer Pump Gas Engine Combos here.   We are always updating this area of our website to show you running combos  that you can see AND hear on the dyno!
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Kevin Swaney
Tin Indian Performance, LTD.