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Happy Thanksgiving!November 30, 2010
Dear ,

The shop upgrades are coming along slowly but surely and we just may beat mother nature before the really cold weather hits us here.  


Dave Sewell's 66 GTO


Dave Sewell's beautifull '66 GTO


We are currently performing repairs and doing maintenance to both of our CNC machines.  So that means we are currently NOT producing any more valve covers until January 2011.  We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.   In the interim, we have brought out a new product, Custom Engraved Sheetmetal covers, that we will continue to offer once we are back up and running. 


Dave Sewells 66 GTO engine bay

Dave Sewell's engine sporting a set of TIP Billet-TEK covers! 


We hope that you and your family had a great Thanksgiving holiday!



Kevin Swaney
Tin Indian Performance, LTD.

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Performance updates
Shrinking Pontiac Hobby
NEW Product - Timing Cover Lift Hook
NEW Product - Timing Cover Washer
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 Mark Pickett's 63 Tempest Wagon
Congratulations to Mark Pickett!

Mark ran a 7.93 @ 169.7 mph  
at Cecil County Dragway in his AWESOME '63 Tempest Wagon

Mark Pickett's '63 Tempest Wagon yanking the wheels
Mark's Tempest wagon is powered by a KRE High Port headed MR-1A 535 cid  engine.  You can checkout the car on our face book page here Find us on Facebook.

Way to Go Tom Kilroy!

Tom recently bested his best by running a 7.852 @ 174.23 mph at Ceicil County which moved him  up to #11 on the Fastest Pontiacs List
see where you stack up here
Our Shrinking Pontiac Hobby 

As we come to the close of 2010, we have seen the official passing of the Pontiac brand on November 1st, 2010.  To make matters even worse, we have also had one of our Pontiac magazines go under as well.  As of November, Pontiac Enthusiast is no more and has been replaced by Auto Enthusiast.  What is even more depressing about the whole deal is that our beloved Pontiacs don't even get their own dedicated section in the magazine!  This was the primary reason that we have broken ties with Amos Publishing and have stopped advertising with them.

We have also had the bad economy take one of our Pontiac partners, Hilliard Performance.  Hilliard Performance unfortunately closed its doors at the beginning of the month.  Dave Hilliard has informed us that he will continue to do some things on the side and he will still remain a part of the hobby.  We wish him the best of luck!

Stop our shrinking Pontiac hobby!  Support those who support and try to further our hobby!
Pontiac Timing Cover Lift HookThese are our new stainless steel timing cover lift hooks.  We are now reproducing this freqently discarded stock piece.  This is made from quality stainless steel and can be painted or polised to a high luster.   Save 25% if you order before 12/31/2010!

Our Price: $5.00
S & H: $3.00
Pontiac Timing Cover washerThese are our new stainless steel Pontiac timing cover washers.  These washers finish off that detailed engine build and can be painted or polished to a high luster.  Save 25% if you buy before 12/31/2010!

Our Price: $5.00
S & H: $3.00
Save 25%
Holiday Specials!!!

Save 25% on all of the following items when ordered before December 31, 2010!

3" and 3.25" Viton Rear Main Seals
Alternator Relocation Kits
Stainless Steel Distributor Hold downs
Stainless Steel Timing Cover hooks
Stainless Steel Timing Cover Washers
2" and 2 1/8 " Round Port Header Flanges 3/8" thick
3/8" thick D Port Header Flanges
GET FREE SHIPPING on ANY KRE Aluminum Cylinder ordered before 12/31/2010! 
Offer only valid up to $100 in free shipping costs!

Discount will be applied to all orders placed on the phone or online at www.tinindianperformance.com   Online orders paid with paypal will have the discount applied at the time of shipping.  The 25% discount will be processed as a refund / discount through paypal.  

Offer Expires: 12/31/2010
Looking to build an engine?  Power Hungry?  We can help!  Give us a call to discuss your performance goals.   Anything from a restored stock engine to an all out race engine - we are your source for reliable PONTIAC POWER!
Check out our Killer Pump Gas Engine Combos here.   We are always updating this area of our website to show you running combos  that you can see AND hear on the dyno!
Check us out on Facebook ....  Find us on Facebook  and  YOUtube!

Kevin Swaney
Tin Indian Performance, LTD.
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