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April showers bring........ NEW ET and Speed records!!!April 28, 2010
Dear ,

With the general warm up the past two months we have been VERY busy.  Nothing like a few warm days to get everyone stirred up and ready to work on their cars.  I apologize for missing the March newsletter.  Too many irons in the fire and not enough hours in the day.  


Good progress is being made on Michelle Morretti's Firebird.  The finishing / detail work has really slowed progress but it is really nice to see this Hot Rod take shape.  We are hoping to have the car out of the shop in mid May so that the interior can be done.  Then it will be time to shake her down!  

Michelle Moretti's engine bay
For those heading to the Pontiac race in Virginia this weekend, keep an eye out for the Hammer Time Racing guys.  They will be on site in the vendor midway and racing all weekend.  Check them out!

Time for me to get back to work! 

Kevin Swaney
Tin Indian Performance, LTD.

Michelle Moretti's cage done and ready for paint

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NA Pontiac Records set
NEW Pontiac Engine Stands
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New Pontiac Record Set @ Norwalk
 TIP dragster launch on 6.81 pass
On April 23, 2010 we ventured out to Summit Motor Sports Park in Norwalk, Ohio to test out all of the R&D that had been done over the winter with our 1000+ HP KRE High Port Headed  MR-1 powered  power plant and reset the Naturally Aspirated Pontiac record! Not only did we reset our own record but we were the first to break into the 6 second barrier with naturally aspirated traditional Pontiac power!  This is a true milestone in Pontiac performance.
The first pass off the trailer was a 6.89 @ 190.89 (view the pass here)After getting back to the pits we discussed changing launch rpm only for the next pass.  The car had a .986 60 foot time!  That helped us get our best pass to date, 6.81 at 192.28 (view the pass here).
I would like to thank the Bader family and the staff at Summit Motor Sports Park as well for maintaining a fantastic facility and giving us a stellar track to make these passes. 
Track data showed we still have some room for improvement and we hope to get out again here very soon.  We firmly believe this combo has .70s in it maybe more.  Take a peek at the 6 second time slip here.   
Reaching this milestone has taken a lot of hard work and dedication from quite a few people.  I would like to give special thanks to Mark and Jeff Kauffman of Kauffman Racing Equipment.  Without their support, knowledge, and dedication to not only my racing program but the entire Pontiac hobby as well, this would not be possible.   Bill Mellott, Steve Kauffman, Kenny Criss, and Nathan Morris have also been instrumental in the success of our racing program as well. 
       Thank you very much for all you do for me and Tin Indian Performance!     
 Scott Rex resets the NA Door Car Record!!! 

Scott Rex 97 Firebird

7.304 @ 187.57
1997 Firebird 565 cid
March 28, 2010 @ ATCO Raceway
Way to go Scott!
Congratulations to Todd Felson!
 for setting a new best time of 7.545 @ 174.98 mph at Norwak this past fall! 
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Pontiac engine stand

These are our new Pontiac engine stands.  Great for storing an engine or spare block that you may have.  Made from high quality steel, these stands are welded up and fit to a Pontiac block to insure a perfect fit.  No beating or bending any bars on this stand to get it to fit.  All mounting hardware is included.
without casters
$115.95 each
with casters
$135.95 each
Coming Soon....... Engine stands for dry sump / kickout pans!
Looking to build an engine?  Power Hungry?  We can help!  Give us a call to discuss your performance goals.   Anything from a restored stock engine to an all out race engine - we are your source for reliable PONTIAC POWER!
Check out our Killer Pump Gas Engine Combos here.   We are always updating this area of our website to show you running combos  that you can see AND hear on the dyno!
Spring will be here before you know it!  Get started on that rebuild NOW and check out new lower prices on our complete rotating assemblies.
Kevin Swaney
Tin Indian Performance, LTD.
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