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Tired of the snow! February 28, 2010
Dear ,

I am soooo looking forward to spring it's not even funny.  Seems that every day here is Northeast Ohio it has been snowing and snowing A LOT!  I have spent more time moving snow this year than I care to admit.


Michelle Moretti's Firebird is starting to come together.  Last week the firewall was painted and the bars have been finished on the cage.  We are looking forward to having the floor in the car and painted by the end of the month.

Kevin Swaney
Tin Indian Performance, LTD.

Michelle Moretti firewall painted

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Rear Main Seal Tech
2bbl Carb gaskets for Tripowers
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Pontiac Rear Main Seal Tech
TIP Rear Main Seal - TIP-RM300One question we get asked frequently is, "What rear main seal do I need to order?"  At Tin Indian Performance, we sell / advertise our seals according to the main journal size of the appropriate engine that uses them. 


Pontiac engines / blocks that have 3 inch mains are 326 / 350 / 389 /  400.  Keep in mind that when I say this, it means the cid of the original block casting.  Pontiac engines / blocks that have 3.25 inch mains are the 428 and 455 blocks.  The most common main journal size for aftermarket blocks is 3"; however,  3.25" mains are also available as well.  Now for those who are into measuring things and have the crankshaft available to them, the 3 inch main blocks have a crank sealing surface of approximately 3.188 inches.  This would require the TIP-RM300 seal    The 3.25 inch main bearing cranks have a sealing surface of 3.436 which would use the TIP-RM325.


So when ordering your seal, know what main bearing journal size you have.  If it is a 3" main you will need a TIP-RM300.  If it's a 3.25" rear main journal, then it is a TIP-RM325.


Order a TIP Pontiac Rear main seal here

 TIP-RM300 or TIP-RM325 $29.95 each
PONTIAC/GM 2bbl Carb Gaskets

 2bbl carb gasket - teflon

$5.95 each
We are pleased to announce the release of our new GM 2bbl gaskets.  These gaskets have a 1.750 venturi opening and are offered in .062 paper and Teflon   These gaskets were specifically designed for the 1966 Tripower but can be used on a variety of GM 2bbl applications.

2bbl carb gasket .062 paper 

.062 paper

 $3.95 each


Buy now

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Kevin Swaney
Tin Indian Performance, LTD.
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