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Hot New Products available and more coming soon  October 19, 2009

As the cold weather moves in to North East Ohio we are hard at work bringing some new products to market for our beloved Pontiacs.  This month we are able to introduce the new KRE North Wind intake manifold.  We will be working on the website in the coming weeks to provide some good detail on the intake and what we have found in some of our initial testing. 
As you know, we used this intake on the CF-71 Freedom Bird 440 and we were very pleased with the results.  We also liked the fact that we did not have to grind the runners in order to get our bolts started like we do on other aftermarket intakes.  See more below....
We should have more new parts and info releases very soon. 
Kevin Swaney
Tin Indian Performance, LTD.
Customer Spotlight - Ron Kintz's '62 GP
KRE North Wind Intake available now!
Billet-TEK Valve Cover Give Away WINNER
Customer Spotlight Ron Kintz's '62 GP

Ron Kintz 2009 Norwalk Burnout

This is Ron Kintz's 1962 GP.  It's Tin Indian Performance built 468 cid engine makes 550 hp @ 5300 rpm and 580 ft lbs of torque with the following components:  74cc KRE 310 cfm Aluminum D port heads, Eagle Rods, Total Seal Rings, Ross Pistons, TIP Gaskets,  Professional Product SFI damper, Crower hyd flat tappet cam, 1.75" Hedman Headers, Scorpion Rockers, Torker II intake, and 850 Holley.  The car has a very 'NASTY' Pro Street idle and makes all of that power on PUMP GAS.  

Ron Kintz 2009 Norwalk launch

Ron's GP is featured in this months Summit Racing Equipment catalog centerfold.  The car is absolutely beautiful and worth all of the recognition it gets.  Ron was assisted by good friend Bill Brautigam with the build of the car.  Bill and I are currently in the process of working on another TIP customer's car (new back half, cage, and other goodies).  Look for it in a future newsletter issue!
KRE North Wind INTAKE $270.00

   KRE North Wind Intake      KRE North Wind     KRE North Wind Intake Manifold 

The new KRE low rise North Wind intake is available!  Pricing is $270.00 each for the standard port option (RAIV).  If you purchace the intake with a KRE Water Cross over the cost is $320.00 for both.  The intake is currently 4150 style intake is being sold in 2 versions.  One version has a RAIV port match that will match up to our TIP-112220.  The other is a 1.20x2.30 port which is a 310 KRE CNC Port match.  See pictures below. 
 KRE North Wind RAIV port match  KRE North Wind 310 port match
 Another great product from Kauffman Racing Equipment!

KRE North Wind top view

Here is a shot of us installing the new KRE North Wind intake on the CF-71 Freedom Bird 440.  Notice our teflon 4150 open carb gasket!  It was nice to see that we have a low rise intake manifold design that really works!  Another plus was the CNC port match that was performed by KRE.... matched up VERY well with their 310 CNC port and the TIP-120230 intake gaskets.  Quite a time saver!

KRE north wind bolt clearance

This is another time saver!  No need to grind the runners in order to get the intake bolts started like other aftermarket intake manifolds.    

KRE Water Cross Over Please note that this intake manifold does not come with a water cross over it is sold seperately.
KRE-WXO      $60.00 + S&H

TIP-WXO-T water cross over gasket

Water X over gaskets are available in .062 paper or Teflon.

 TIP-WXO-T             $5.00  + S&H
 TIP-WXO                $2.50  + S+H
BILLET-TEK GIVE AWAY Winner @ Kansas International  Speedway
Congratulations to
Tony Mirrione from Guthrie, Oklahoma 

He won the Billet-TEK valve covers you see below at the 20th annual Pontiac Uprising race and show on October 9th and 10th at the Kansas International Dragway.  Rumor has it that the weather was cold and rainy but the action was HOT!    

Polished Billet-TEK valve covers - TIP logo with Pontiac
TIP logo with Pontiac - Billet-TEK valve covers Polished 
The covers should look Grrrrr-eat! In that awesome '65 GTO of Tony's!
Tony Mirriones 65 GTO
Looking to build an engine?  Power Hungry?  We can help!  Give us a call to discuss your performance goals.
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Kevin Swaney
Tin Indian Performance, LTD.