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20th annual Pontiac Uprising and Project CF-71 completion September 13, 2009

We just wanted to write a quick note regarding the next Billet-TEK valve cover give away.   It will be held at the 20th annual Pontiac Uprising on October 9th and 10th at Kansas International Dragway.  See details below...
We have completed the engine for the CF-71 Freedom Bird.  The engine will ship to Fletcher's Customs on Monday Sept. 14th.  We were very please with how this combo turned out.  We don't want to let too much out of the bag at this point but stay tuned for an upcoming engine article.
We did some testing with the NEW KRE North Wind intake manifold.  We were VERY pleased with the results.  We have included some pics of the new intake below for your viewing pleasure. 
Kevin Swaney
Tin Indian Performance, LTD.
CF-71 Freedom Bird Update
NEW Billet-TEK Valve Cover Give Away
CF-71 Freedom Bird UPDATE
The 440 cid engine was just finished up this week and we dynoed it for 2 days.  During that time we tested the new KRE North Wind intake and we are VERY happy with the initial results.   We are currently working on an engine article for the build so we don't want to release any power numbers at this time.  I will say this, Ty should have his hands full when he lays into the gas!

 This engine was based off off a 4" stroke 428 combo that features a set of KRE Aluminum D ports with 310 CFM CNC port work, KB Pistons, and Pro-Warrior rods and crank.  The TIP custom ground solid roller was topped off with a custom PRO Systems carb.  This pump gas combo ideled at 850 rpm and made peak power at 6400 rpm!  Look for more details in the near future!

CF-71 440 driver side

Here is a shot of the custom TIP logo covers on the engine.....

CF-71 Polished valve cover


KRE North Wind top view

It is finally here!  The NEW KRE North Wind intake.  We were able to utilize the intake on the 440 cid engine in Project CF-71 Freedom Bird.  It was nice to see that we have a low rise intake manifold design that really works!  Another plus was the CNC port match that was performed by KRE.... matched up VERY well with their 310 CNC port and the TIP-120230 intake gaskets.  Quite a time saver! 

KRE north wind bolt clearance

 I also really liked the fact that we did not have to grind the runners in order to get the intake bolts started like I typically have to do when using a victor style manifold.  The picture below shows the intake bolts just started and there is plenty of clearance!  Look for some more info and testing on this manifold very soon.



BILLET-TEK GIVE AWAY @ Kansas International  Speedway
We will be raffling off the valve covers you see below at the 20th annual Pontiac Uprising race and show on October 9th and 10th at the Kansas International Dragway. 
For complete details on the event please check out www.wichitagto.com 
Polished Billet-TEK valve covers - TIP logo with Pontiac
These covers are 3.100 tall and come with bolts and valve cover gaskets.  These covers have also been professionally polished to a mirror finish.  This prize package is worth over $525.00! 
TIP logo with Pontiac - Billet-TEK valve covers Polished 
Hope to see you at the Pontiac Uprising!
**Please note there will be no email entries for this raffle and the winner must be present at the event to win**
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