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Norwalk is almost here! August 3, 2009

We are one short week away from the biggest and best Pontiac event in the country.  Norwalk '09 will be held August 7th, 8th, & 9th.  Hopefully all of your projects are coming together on time for this special event. 
We will be debuting a new car and engine combo at the 2009 Norwalk event.  We made some good power on the dyno during testing and if we are able to put the power to the ground, we should be able to run some impressive times. 
The Kauffmans have been hard at work as well.  They will have a few suprises on hand for everyone to enjoy.  New cars and new combos!  Jeff Kauffman hopes to reset the fastest Pontiac record once again.  How low will it go?  Be there to check it out!
Make sure you stop by the KRE display to get at look a their War Chierf series Billet Aluminum heads.  They will have both the Hemi War Chief and the RA V War Chief heads on display all weekend.

KRE Hemi War Chief

During all of our Norwalk prep we have still had time to make a little progress on the CF-71 Freedom Bird project.  See below.... 
We are looking forward to seeing everyone at Norwalk! 
Kevin Swaney
Tin Indian Performance, LTD.
Norwalk Valve Cover Gasket Special
Norwalk Billet-TEK Valve Cover special
Norwalk Billet-TEK Valve Cover special
Ty Ingle's CF-71 Freedom Bird
18th Annual Ames Performance Tripower Nationals
18th Annual Ames Performance Tripower Nationals
Billet-TEK Valve Cover Give Away

valve cover gasket

These Pontiac steel core rubber neoprene valve cover gasket sets are the best on the market.  They measure .3125" thick (5/16).   The steel core maintains the shape of the gasket for improved sealing.  These gaskets are great for high vacuum / vac pump applications as well as general street use.  Gaskets will NOT get sucked into the valve train area and or split /crack like cork.  These gaskets are FAR superior to any other gaskets on the market!  These gaskets can also help out with clearance issues with roller valve trains due to their increased thickness.  No sealer required!

Get 10% off on any Billet-TEK valve covers ordered at the show!  Any custom height, breather holes, , bolts, any logo - even custom logos!  This offer is only valid at the 2009 Ames Performance Tripower Nationals.  Orders will be taken on both the race and show side of the event.  If you have been holding off getting a set of covers, this is a great deal to cash in on.  
Show Special: $315.00
Billet-TEK valve covers
** Deposits on orders must be received no later than August 14th for show special pricing **
There will be 2 cast iron MR-1 blocks available at the show for a special price of $2,295.00!  And NO, that is NOT a typo!  Rember only 2 available at that show stopping price.

MR-1 block

If you order a MR-1 block at the show, K&M Performance is offering a show special of $2,495.00  A 50% deposit on blocks must be received 1 week after the show.  K&M Performance will also honor that deal for 30 up to days after the show.
K&M Performance will also have a MR-1A Pro Billet block available for purchase at the show.  Regularly priced at $11,995 the block will be priced at $9,995 for the duration of the show.
2009 August Issue of PE Cover
CF-71 Freedom Bird rendering We are making progress on Ty Ingle's CF-71 Freedom Bird.  Pre-assbmbly is almost complete with the crank being fit, rings cut, and rods clearanced.  We should have the short block buttoned up shortly after Norwalk and then to the dyno. 

Check out the CF-71 Freedom Bird page for more details on the build......

TIP Digger on the starting lineThe Ames Performance Pontiac Tripower Nationals will be held @ Norwalk this year on August 7th, 8th, 9th.  Tin Indian Performance will be sponsoring the street class again this year.  Last year there were 446 race cars, 469 show cars and 145 swap vendors using 251 spaces at the 2008 event.  This is by far the largest and BEST Pontiac event in the country.   2009 will be the 18th running of the annual event.   For more informations on the drag classes check out the official event website. 
** Please note we will have VERY limited shop hours the week before Norwalk preparing for the event **
  Tin Indian Performance and Kauffman Racing Equipment will offer up the cash contingency program again this year.  Rules and conditions for qualifying for contingency can be found on our events page at www.tinindianperformance.com 
We have also added contingency for the NEW heads up class that has been added to the event this year.
Kauffman Racing Equipment

2009 Norwalk Pontiac Nationals Contingency Program

 CASH!      CASH!     CASH!
Stock Class - $150 to winner, $50 to Runner up payout both Saturday and Sunday
Mod Class - $150 to winner, $50 to runner up payout both Saturday and Sunday
Top Class - $150 to winner, $50 to runner up payout both Saturday and Sunday
Quick 16 - $200 to winner, $100 to runner up
Frantic 4 - $200 to winner, $100 to runner up
Heads-Up - $200 to winner, $100 to runner up
To qualify for contingency money you must have ONE of the following parts installed on your car AND have either a Tin Indian Performance or a Kauffman Racing Equipment sticker on the car:
Any KRE Aluminum cylinder head (KRE High Port or KRE D Port only)
A MR-1 Aftermarket Pontiac block (cast iron or aluminum)
A Tin Indian Performance crank mandrel / evac system
A set of Tin Indian Performance Billet-TEK aluminum valve covers
Note:  You do not need to be the original purchaser of the equipment to qualify for the prize money.
Parts must be installed and running on the vehicle AND a sticker (either Tin Indian Performance OR Kauffman Racing Equipment) MUST be on the car at the time of the race. Stickers can be picked up in the vendor midway at the KRE / Tin Indian Performance booth or at the respective vendors/sponsors pit spot.
Vehicle inspections will be performed by a representative from Kauffman Racing Equipment or Tin Indian Performance immediately following the completion of each race.  Winners should take their vehicle immediately to the KRE / Tin Indian Performance pit area NO LATER THAN 30 MINUTES AFTER THE FINAL ROUND.  
This year we will be giving away a pair of our Billet-TEK valve covers to one lucky winner.   You can register via email until August 7th 2009.  Simply email your full name, address, telephone number to kevin.swaney@tinindianperformance.com.  After August 7th, registration will only be accepted at the event.  Winner does not need to be present at the event to win.  
TIP Logo valve cover
You can register at our booth during the event on the race side behind customer service or on the show side in the manufacturer midway.
2009 August Issue of PE CoverIn this months issue of Pontiac Enthusiast  we built Wally Becker's 510 cid MR-1A all aluminum engine.  The engine uses a set of KRE 340 cfm aluminum d ports and a very mild hydraulic roller cam.  This is a very stout combo making over 600 hp and just under 700 ft lbs of TORQUE!  Check out the article for all of the details on the build.   This issue of PE is available on newsstands now or you can see it on line at http://www.pontiacenthusiast.com/   PE has just revamped their website and it is definately worth a look!
Looking to build an engine?  Power Hungry?  We can help!  Give us a call to discuss your performance goals.
Check out our Killer Pump Gas Engine Combos here Check out our Killer Pump Gas Engine Combos here
Kevin Swaney
Tin Indian Performance, LTD.