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Spring has Sprung! May 13, 2009
The continued warm up has really warmed up business.  We have been extremely busy lately and it has been difficult to get to the news letter but we finally got it done.  We have so many new projects going on for our beloved Pontiacs ...... more in the next newsletter of course! 
We are currently working on a few new gaskets to bring to market as well as some other "secret" items that we can't mention quite yet.   We should have the gaskets  listed in the next issue of the newsletter.  One of the new gaskets is for the 380 cfm High Port Head.   It is going into production this week.
The new Kauffman Racing Equipment water cross over is now available!  See details on this new product below. 
Kevin Swaney
Tin Indian Performance, LTD.
KRE's NEW Water Cross Over
Hammer Time Racing's NEW Billet Steering Column Bearing Assembly
Jason Crawford's 511 cid Blower Engine


 Good News!
As of April 20th, 2009 the K&M Performance Parts MR-1 blocks have been approved for competition in the NHRA Stock and Super Stock classes!



KRE Water Cross Over

This is Kauffman Racing Equipment's new Pontiac water cross over.   This water cross over was designed as a direct replacement with the same locations for the thermostat housing and water outlet for the timing cover.  If you have a missing cross over or your old one has just seen better days, this new water cross over will do the trick.  The cross over fits KRE Aluminum D Port heads, KRE High Port heads, stock cast iron heads, and Edelbrock heads.
Don't forget to give our water cross over gaskets a look too! 
They are available in .062 paper as well as re-usable Teflon.   We also carry Pontiac specific water neck gaskets available in both paper and Teflon as well as well as Pontiac water necks.
Our Price: $60.00

                            KRE Water Cross Over and Accessories

Hammer Time Racing's New Billet Steering Column Bearing Assembly

  HTRs Billet Bearing Assembly side view   
This is Hammer Time Racing's new Billet Steering Column Bearing assembly (1961-66 big car / 64-66 GTO).  The housing is made out of Billet Aluminum and use a quality Sealed Bearing (Dynamic 2595 lbs & Static 1010 lbs ). These bearing assemblies are a direct bolt-in replacement (not factory replacement).
To replace a worn or damaged factory bearing assembly - Disassemble the steering column (remove column from car), unbolt the two screws that hold the original bearing housing, and remove it. The steering shaft will need to be cleaned and inspected for damage.  Any burrs or other imperfections will need to be addressed/removed. 
Our Price:
 Shipping: $5.00  
HTR's Billet Bearing Assembly top viewHTR's Billet Bearing Assembly installed 
Jason Crawford's E85 511 cid Blower Combo
 Jason Crawford's 511 MR-1A blower motor
This is Jason Crawford's 511 cid E85 Blower Motor.  The engine uses a MR-1A aluminum block as its foundation.  A SCAT forged crankshaft holds the Crower rods, Total Seal rings and Ross custom pistons in place.  On top of the engine are a set of KRE 80 cc High Port heads.  Mild porting was done to the heads to compliment the blower and the Tin Indian Performance custom ground hydraulic roller camshaft.  We used Scorpion 1.6 roller rockers on this combo with a complete Comp Cams valve train.
As usual,  we used our complete line of Tin Indian Performance Gaskets & Seals  in this build along with our Viton 3" rear main seal
We initially broke the engine in on gas (93 octane BP) with a Pro Systems HP1000 carb and a Victor intake.  With approximately 8 to 1 compression the engine made 617 hp and 637 ft lbs of torque!  See Jason Crawford's pump gas dyno sheet here.  We feel we could have tuned the engine to 625 hp; however, the goal was just to break the engine in and get some baseline numbers.
Jason Crawford's blown MR-1A combo 
We then added the 8-71 blower, two 850 cfm carbs and the E85 and started tuning the combo at 1 to 1.  At 1 to 1 the combo made 5 lbs of boost and put out 721 hp and 722 ft lbs of torque.  We then added a 34 tooth pulley which put us at 9.6% over and made a few pulls.  The combo made a best of 801 hp and 796 ft lbs of torque!  The engine was making about 8.5 lbs of boost on that pull.  This is one VERY stout combo yet VERY streetable.  Jason is going to have his hands full!!!  If you would like to hear this engine run or see a dyno pull, check out our video page.
Fred Wrenn's 389
In the last newsletter there was an error on Fred Wren's info.  We had the dyno sheet linked to the wrong form.  Below is the correct link for those interested in seeing what Fred's 389 did on the dyno.
Dyno Sheet for Fred Wrenn's 389 build-up 
Are you
Check out our listing of pump gas friendly engine combinations.  We offer a wide variety of combinations and strive to meet YOUR performance goals & streetability requirements.
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Billet-TEK Custom Valve Cover Engraving
Want to make your valve covers one of a kind?  Our custom valve cover engraving on our Billet-TEK valve covers can do just that!  We have extended this special offer until May 31st.  You can  get your custom logo for just $100 (regularly priced at $150.00).  You save $50!  You are limited only by your imagination as to what you can put on the valve covers.   
Click here to view some of our current valve cover designs
 Offer Expires: May 31, 2009