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In like a Lamb out like a TIGER! April 6, 2009

Our first official newsletter generated many positive comments!  Thanks for all of those who wrote us regarding the newsletter.  I am also glad to report that the weather is starting to turn for the better here in Ohio.  It seems the weather has improved accross the counry as many are starting to dust thier hot rods off and prepare for the summer season.  Although it did snow on the last day of March and snow is in our forcast today! 
We are currently working on a few new gaskets to bring to market as well as some other "secret" items that we can't mention quite yet.   We should have the gaskets  listed in the next issue of the newsletter.  One of the new gaskets is for the 380 cfm High Port Head.
The new Kauffman Racing Equipments early style timing cover is now available!  See details on this new product below. 
Kevin Swaney
Tin Indian Performance, LTD.
Featured Product Billet-TEK Pontiac Valve Covers
KRE 1964-1968 Early Timing Cover
Fred Wrenn's 1965 Post Coupe GTO




TIP Indian Head with Pontiac logo covers

These are our Billet-TEK custom built Pontiac valve covers.  These aluminum valve covers can be custom made to your specifications.  Other features include:
- CNC machined piece (no welds to break and leak)
- Thick CNC machined rails for perfect flatness and superior sealing
- Covers will clear high port intake and supercharger manifolds without any mods
- Covers are available with stainless steel  or black oxide socket head cap screws 
- Grommet holes can be placed anywhere you want them (2 styles available)
- Designed to clear ALL valve train components - poly locks and stud girdles!
- Covers feature recessed bolt hole for a clean finished look
- Custom heights are available 3.700" standard. 3.100" and 2.625" are also available

TIP Logo valve cover

We carry a wide variety of optional breather grommets, breathers, and valve cover accessories.
Custom Engraving Available!

Want to make your valve covers one of a kind?  We offer custom valve cover engraving on all of our valve covers.  Starting April 1 get your custom logo for just $100 (regularly priced at $150.00).  You are limited only by your imagination as to what you can put on the valve covers.  Check the web link below for a small sample of what can be done.

Our Price: $350.00
      S & H:
Billet-TEK Pontiac Valve Covers and accessories
Kauffman Racing Equipment Early Timing Cover 
  KRE Early Timing Cover   
It is finally here!  The KRE 1964-1968 Pontiac timing cover.  This Pontiac timing cover is made by precision sand casting 356-T6 aluminum and comes with the following  features:
- heater nipple drilled
- Has 0, 6, and 12 degree timing marks
- Fully 5 axis CNC machined
- Accepts ALL standard Pontiac parts
- fuel pumps and blockoffs
- water pump divider plates   
Intake manifold crossover hole is sized for 1/8 pipe tap should you want to block it off
Cast and machined in the U.S.A
Our Price:  $175.00
 Shipping:  $15.00   

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KRE Timing Cover Marks

                                  KRE Early Timing Cover side view
Fred Wrenn's 1965 Post Coupe GTO
Fred Wrenn's 389
This is Fred's Wrenn's '65 389 that we rebuilt for him and his Post Coupe GTO.  Fred had the car professionally restored and we were given the responsibility of doing the engine.  Fred had a very detailed game plan and knew exactly what he wanted - update the engine with the best components available but keep the engine looking entirely  stock.
We used our complete line of Tin Indian Performance Gaskets & Seals  in this build along with our Viton 3" rear main seal.  We also used a set of Ross custom dished pistons for a pump gas friendly compression ratio in the 389.  A complete Crower cam  valve train was utilized for both reliability and streetability in the buildup. 
Dyno Sheet for Fred Wrenn's 389 build-up
Fred Wrenn's GTO
Are you
Check out our listing of pump gas friendly engine combinations.  We offer a wide variety of combinations and strive to meed YOUR performance goals & streetability requirements.
Save 33%
Billet-TEK Custom Valve Cover Engraving
Want to make your valve covers one of a kind?  Our custom valve cover engraving on our Billet-TEK valve covers can do just that.  Starting April 1st you can  get your custom logo for just $100 (regularly priced at $150.00).  You save $50! And that's no joke!  You are limited only by your imagination as to what you can put on the valve covers.   
Click here to view some of our current designs
 Offer Expires: April 30, 2009