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Spring is just around the corner..... March 11, 2009

Welcome to our first official newsletter!  I am not sure how the weather has been in your area but I am sick of winter and glad spring is just around the corner.   
We wanted to create a newsletter to help us keep our customers informed about what we are working on, new products coming out, events we will be attending and sponsoring and so on.  Keeping the web site up to date with all of that info can be a full time job itself.  Hopefully this will work for both of us.  
If you would like to see something in particular on the web site or in the newsletter please drop us a line with your suggestions.
Kevin Swaney
Tin Indian Performance, LTD.
Featured Product TIP-VC3125
Fastest Pontiacs List
J Johnson's 760 Horse 510 MR-1A Engine
valve cover gasketTreat yourself to a pair of the BEST valve cover gaskets on the market for our beloved Pontiacs.  These Pontiac steel core rubber vallve cover gaskets measure .3125" thick (5/16).   The steel core maintains the shape of the gasket for improved sealing.  These gaskets are great for high vacuum / vac pump applications as well as general street use.  The gaskets will NOT get sucked into the valve train area and or split /crack like cork.  These gaskets can also help out with clearance issues with roller valve trains.  No sealer required!  These may be the last pair of valve cover gaskets you ever buy for your Pontiac engine! 

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TIP digger wheels up 
Since Jeff Kauffman from Kauffman Racing Equipment broke the E.T. and Speed record at the Ames Performance Tripower Nationals at Norwalk this past August, our Fastest Pontiacs of all time listing has gotten a lot of attention.  It was mentioned in a recent issue of Pontiac Enthusiast and it seems more and more people are inquiring about how to get on the list.  Should you want to get your car on the list we need the following information:  Email a copy or mail a copy of your time slip to Kevin Swaney @ Tin Indian Performance.  Please include the following info with the time slip: 
Driver name
Type of Car - ie. Dragster, Funny Car, Pro Mod, Tube Chassis Firebird etc
Weight of Car in lbs.
CID of engine
Naturally aspirated or power adders used
Number of carbs / induction - ie. fuel injection, single 4, dual 4, etc.
Date of run - normally on time slip
Location of run - normally on time slip
Block type (not required)
Cylinder heads used (not required)
We will be more than happy to get you on the list!  We look forward to 2009 and the ETs dropping even further!
To view the list go to The Fastest Pontiacs EVER Listing
J Johnson's 760 HP 704 TQ 510 cid MR-1A 
J Johnson 510 top view
J's engine features a MR-1A aluminum block with a 4.255" bore and a SCAT forged 4.5" stroke crankshaft.  Dished Ross pistons on Crower sportsman rods complete the bottom end of the engine.  We used total seal rings and Federal Mogul bearings on the build as well.  Our full line of Tin Indian Performance Gaskets and Seals were employed on this build as well.  The Tin Indian Performance evac system produced a stoudt 18" of vac on the dyno with the TIP-RM300 Viton rear main seal. 

On top of the engine,  KRE 80cc High Ports were gasket matched to our TIP-120240 intake gaskets and a Victor intake was used.  We had CNC milled approximately .650 off of the top of the intake so there would be no hood clearance issues once the engine was installed in the car.  A Tin Indian Performance custom ground Comp Cams solid roller camshaft was used with Crower solid roller lifters.   The engine ideled reasonably well at 900 rmp.  A video can be seen on Tin Indian Performance's video page or our You Tube channel - TinIndianPerformance.
Despite the large Pro-Systems 1350 cfm carb on top of the engine, it had awesome throttle response!  Peak horsepower was 760 @ 6200 rpm and peak torque was 704 @ 5100 rpm.  This was all done on 93 octane PUMP GAS as well. 
We have been quite busy doing a lot of R&D on some of our different pump gas engine combinations.  One combination that we have worked extensively on this winter is our 510 cid PUMP GAS Pontiac Street Engine combination.  We have done testing with both KRE D Ports & KRE High Port combos this winter.  We have also been busy working with the folks at Pontiac Enthusiast on an engine article that will feature a MR-1A block with a set of KRE D ports on it.  Look for article details in an upcoming newsletter.  It is scheduled to be in  the August issue of PE. 
Looking to build an engine?  Power Hungry?  We can help.  Give us a call to discuss your performance goals.
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Kevin Swaney
Tin Indian Performance, LTD.
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