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SCCO's Alumni Newsletter
September 2009
Dear Alumnus,

Greetings from the SCCO Alumni Relations Office.  As an alumnus we desire to keep an ongoing relationship with you and so we've begun this e-Newsletter.  We hope you enjoy hearing news of your classmates, the latest at SCCO and the optometry world at large. We certainly enjoy hearing from you.

Alumni Relations

Reunion Weekend Approaches


The 2009 Reunion Weekend for the Anniversary Classes of 1979, 1989, 1999 and 1984 will be this October 9-10.

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Have something exciting or new happening with you or your practice? Let us know about it! We are always delighted to hear from our Alumni.  Send an email to or mail in news or pictures to Alumni Relations, 2575 Yorba Linda Blvd., Fullerton, CA 92831.

Faculty Member Named Vice-Chair of PEDIG
Dr. Cotter SCCO Professor Sue Cotter, O.D., M.S., is serving as Vice-Chair of the Pediatric Eye Disease Investigator Group. The group, funded by the National Eye Institute, conducts clinical research in strabismus, amblyopia, and other eye disorders that affect children. More than 360 pediatric ophthalmologists and optometrists investigate and coordinate on these issues. 
SCCO Gives the Gift of Sight
Dr. Tong leads SCCO team A team of SCCO students and faculty provided care to Sisters of the Trinitarians orphanage in Mt. Tabor, Mexico.  The group, led by Assistant Professor Judy Tong, O.D., '91, was able to administer 58 eye exams in the one-day trip, and 53 pairs of glasses were ordered.  Essilor Labs donated the lenses and various other SCCO vendors and volunteers generously contributed materials.  The trip provided an opportunity for members of the SCCO community to show their dedication to the profession and to helping improve the quality of life for those less fortunate.
Good Hope Grant
A $150,000 grant to SCCO from the Good Hope Medical Foundation will enable 750 patients to receive eye exams, vision therapy, glaucoma care, frames and lenses.  Over 50 organizations are participating with SCCO's Optometric Center of Los Angeles to ensure that the clinical facility continues to be a great place for patient care and for SCCO optometric interns to learn.  Associate Professor Robert Gordon, O.D.,'71, facilitated the contact with the Foundation.
Faculty Member Aids in Glaucoma Certification
Tony Carnevali Associate Professor Tony Carnevali, O.D., '75, was hired as a Special Consultant to assist California's Office of Professional Examination Services in determining new criteria for glaucoma certification requirements.  Dr. Carnevali's recommendations to the State Board of Optometry were unanimously accepted.