Smartphone addicts everywhere will rejoice at Google's latest portable technology innovation: reality-enhancing eyeglasses. The glasses are a product of Google X, the company's secretive experimental research lab. Using voice-activation, they offer wearers the latest information pertaining to their surroundings, such as weather, transportation info, and directions to the nearest coffee shop.  


But futuristic glasses are hardly the only project that Google has its all-seeing eye on these days. Now the search-engine franchise is taking its cameras to a much deeper place - 330 feet below the seas, where they'll snap panoramic photographs of Australia's Great Barrier Reef, an aquatic world of great natural beauty.



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g3box Gabrielle Palermo, a biomedical engineering major at Arizona State University, teamed up with four classmates to create G3Box, a "more than profit" organization that refurbishes unused shipping containers to be used as medical clinics for the third world.

Hear her inspiring story in this edition of the eGFI Student Inventors series.


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