Swift as a rocket on the field, University of Miami football player Nathan Gholston is aiming for the stars in more ways than one. The senior undergraduate is also studying aerospace engineering, and dreams of one day designing spacecrafts for NASA and starting his own consulting firm, reports The Miami Herald.


Playing football wasn't always in Gholston's plans. After transferring to Miami in 2008, however, a friend and fellow track-and-field teammate convinced him to try out, and his impressive sprinting landed him a spot as a walk-on.  



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The wings of Costa Rica's beautiful blue morpho butterfly are so iridescent their shimmer can be seen a half mile away. They have nanostructures that reflect wavelengths of light to produce the vivid hue. Researchers have developed a printer that produces nanoholes that can, like the nanostructures, each trap a single light wave.  






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