Ever felt paralyzed by the choice between two equally delicious ice cream flavors? Fear not - Elizabeth Fenner, a food science graduate student at the University of Missouri, may have solved your dilemma.


Fenner and associate professor Ingolf Gruen used a technique called "micro-encapsulation" to create ice cream that changes flavors as it melts in your mouth. The process, which has been used in long-lasting chewing gum and microwave dishes, involves "covering flavor compounds in wax, gelatin, protein, or food-grade polymer casing just millionths of a millimeter in size," reports University of Missouri news.



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In addition to the letter and number of the day, Sesame Street will be featuring some exciting new topics in the show's 42nd season: engineering, science, and math! 

Researchers have long noted that students who watch the show as children tend to do better in school, STEM concepts can be seen as part of a larger effort to boost STEM learning in the U.S.




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