Would you like your silly putty to be able to stick to the fridge, eat magnets, and creepily ooze without your assistance? If so, you should definitely check out this DIY activity from Instructables.


Silly putty was invented by accident when James Wright, a Scottish engineer working for General Electric, mixed silicone oil with boric acid in an attempt to make artificial rubber. By 1949 the bouncing putty was packaged and sold as a toy, and was met with instant popularity.


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Even though I came to the conclusion on my own, my parents knew since I was a little girl that I would pursue engineering. My dad, an electrical and mechanical engineer, used to make me recite algebra equations while in line at amusement parks and my mom used to call me "her little engineer."


Now I am a 3rd year chemical engineering student at the University of Virginia, and I am double minoring in Engineering Business and Science & Technology Policy.


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2011 American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)

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