remus 6000

Two years ago, Air France Flight 447 was on its way back to Paris from Rio de Janeiro when it completely disappeared - without issuing a mayday call or leaving even a trace on radar.  


After three search attempts, by boat, mini-sub, and sonar, the jetliner was finally discovered on April 3, 2011 with the help of an autonomous submarine called the Remus 6000. The autonomous undersea vehicle then located the plane's two black box data recorders, recovering the first on April 30 and the cockpit voice recorder on May 2.


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cotton candy A fluffy new material composed of glass fibers could be the latest in wound-healing technology, say researchers from Missouri University of Science and Technology.

This cotton candy-like substance (pictured left) is composed of borate glass nanofibers and has been labeled DermaFuse.


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