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May 10, 2011 

Deep Sea Engineering   

robot sub3 

Ocean engineers have pried a needle from King Neptune's haystack. Last week, a robotic submarine - one of six probing extreme depths - found the cockpit voice recorder of Air France's ill-fated 2009 journey from Paris to Rio nearly 2.5 miles under the South Atlantic. Marine engineers also design offshore oil rigs and wind farms. Your scuba divers will plunge right into this week's activity. See if any achieve neutral buoyancy.     


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Lesson: Construct a Buoyant Diver    


ScubaScuba diving is an excellent hobby for underwater naturalists. In this activity, students in grades 6 - 8 learn how organisms float, sink, or hover in the water as they construct a neutrally buoyant scuba diver.   


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Feature: Scoot About in the Ocean 


Underwater ScooterHankering for an undersea adventure this summer? One option is the new and somewhat hilarious-looking Aqua Star underwater scooter, which can cruise at 4 mph, requires no special training, and runs on rechargeable batteries.    

K-12 News: Private Funds Boosting STEM? 


Money ClipartChicago Public Schools will become the latest test lab for philanthropists seeking to improve public education. English inventor James Dyson, creator of popular vacuum cleaners, is investing $500,000 to bring engineering design-focused after-school programs to 20 schools this fall. But a new think-tank analysis of big private donations in 10 urban districts finds that four top private benefactors have received little bang for the $4.4 billion they spent.   




To follow the Elementary and Secondary Education Act's overhaul, visit  ESEA Watch.


Program Announced for ASEE's
K-12 Teachers' Workshop!


WorkshopBuild a guitar to teach math and physics. Integrate engineering into science classrooms using wind energy. Design a rover to introduce the engineering design process. These are just some of the exciting projects  ASEE's day-long K-12 Teachers' Workshop will cover. You won't want to miss it! Saturday, June 25, 2011 in  Vancouver, B.C., Canada.. You'll discover valuable best practices, new contacts for collaboration, and the latest take-away tools for effective teaching and engineering instruction.  


Registration is complimentary for K-12 teachers who register by June 10.


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