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February 8, 2011 

Making History 



For Black History Month, we honor trailblazers who stand on the shoulders of past giants.  Tomorrow's George Washington Carvers can be found from research labs to Space Lab today, forging a better world as engineers and scientists. Pioneers include (clockwise, from upper left): Pamela McCauley-Bush (industrial engineer and entrepreneur);  John Dabiri (bioengineer); Aprille Ericsson (aerospace engineer); Leland Melvin (astronaut); Raynelle Callender (computer engineer); and Will Lark, Jr. (MIT Media Lab). Another African American, Garrett Morgan, invented the traffic signal -- the inspiration for this week's lesson. See if your students, er, brake for lunch!

Lesson: Building Sturdy Road Signs  


overhead road sign

In this lesson for grades 6-12, students enter Garrett Morgan's traffic-safety world. Using simple materials, they work in groups to design, build, and test a model of a free-standing structure used to support overhead road signs. They begin by learning about the engineering design process and researching support structures. The final designs are tested to see how they stand up to two different types of loads.


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K-12 News: Smart Phones for all Learners?

Using a Smart Phone Most schools forbid cellphone use by students. Yet within five years, every K-12 student in America will be using a mobile handheld device as a part of learning, a University of Michigan researcher predicts. "Smart phones are the one technology that can eliminate the digital divide," says Elliot Soloway, professor of engineering and education. The devices' low cost makes it conceivable that every child, rich or poor, could use them to access education 24/7.

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