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January 18, 2011 

Chill Out  



Who knew snow could be so heavy? Not the Minnesota Vikings, who had to move their football game to Detroit after a Dec. 12 blizzard collapsed the Metrodome's inflatable roof. Snow also makes a dandy insulator that can help keep homes--even igloos--warm and save energy. Have your budding building engineers weigh the merits of various insulators. See if any pick snow!


Lesson: Insulation Test  



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Additional Activity: Design a Winter Rooftop 

Feature: To Go Green, Think White

white roofOne way both to save energy and curb climate change is to make surfaces - roofs, even streets - a light color. Solar radiation would be reflected into space rather than absorbed by buildings and pavement. The Atlantic island of Bermuda has been whitewashing its roofs for centuries; they're used to collect rainwater.


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K-12 News: U.S. Schools Earn a C

Average GradeNo state gets an A in Education Week's annual report card on the state of American schools. Most get C-plus or lower. Maryland, tops for the third year in a row, earns a B-plus. The recession, which hit schools hard, hasn't helped improvement efforts.


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